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So I had a thought, its dangerous I know.

With most of the active(pvp/pve) Alliance raiding pop on this server split between 3 to 5 guilds or there about, its hard to see how those players or even a guild in general can get the most out of the Game. I have another account and play on Illiadn where a lot of game type content is done in a hardcore, semi-harcore, and even a relaxed setting (now i know there is a HUGE difference in server pop, let alone a vary active(online) amount of that population), but however with on this server a unique thing happen where a guild on this server merged with another to achieve a hardcore raiding style (that guild lost a bulk of its raiding pop because of what I hear is internal squabbling I don't know, only speculation), but what I am getting at is, why not among the relaxed guilds merge to get the most out of the game where the active(online) players will have enough in this guild to accomplish a PVP or PVE life style in the game. I know that within my current guild on this server, we have only got one raid group going(10man) and not much else, even though the players want more out of the game, it's hard to do so, because not a lot of them are on at one time with the problem mixed in that there are not a lot to begin with, and recruiting is impossible because well its just like I said up top, with most of the people are not wanting or willing to leave there current guilds.

So getting more to my point, why not have a big merge between some of the guilds, again posing this under the relaxed/semi-hardcore guilds. there would be much to work out, but however again in the end it would work out better for most people in the end, because for the most part the server is not only is this server have a vary low population, the bulk of the population is split among other guild.
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I like this idea in theory. Dragons doesn't have enough raiders. We end up with about half a solid raid team and the rest are just whoever happens to show up on a given day. We often don't even have enough people active for casual fun events. People will say that they want to do old raids, but the the chances of getting enough show up on a given day and time are slim. I can't get a consistent challenge mode team together either. And Maiev doesn't seem to have any recruitment pool to speak of.

But when I think about my guild merging, some problems come up. My guild is family friendly and we enjoy a certain "care bearness" where people are polite to one another and language in vent and gchat is kept clean. We simply will not fit in with the culture of many other guilds.

I would assume that other guilds have things that set them apart and make them want to stay who they are and separate.

If you would like to simply do collaborations for raiding, challenge modes, pvp, or mog/mount runs that could be accomplished fairly easily and could pave the way for future mergers.
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I think that in theory anything looks good, when put into the proper light, however what I think I should have made clear before, is the fact that the incoming population is next to nothing on this server already, and with that said the population that is still here on this server is still far too set in the established guild ways that are already hear, and a sort of fear leads the pact so to speak in that no one is willing to try and make that first step toward making things better for everyone on this server.

First I would have to say that I am not a GM(in ether account), so far as collaborations I would have to point you to Thecore GM, and also anything to deal with our own guild player policy.

overall I would ask that you bring this up to other GM's on this server and point them to this thread, and see how they go from there. I think its a nifty idea if i do say so myself, and I never really did think about doing some sort of collaborations as a way to get things moving. the reason for not thinking about may have something to do with playing on that fear I was saying in the beginning.
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I like the way this is headed. I see very few guilds that have enough active members to come out and play. Go for it!
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Spend a few minutes in Brick Squad, you won't want to mix with them.
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02/16/2013 04:03 PMPosted by Razz
Spend a few minutes in Brick Squad, you won't want to mix with them.
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