[H] Wayfarer's Late Night Raiding

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Liore, didn't you use to be a NE? Or am I just going crazy.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
No, you haven't lost all of your marbles. Not -yet-.

I rolled my warrior back in 06, before BC. He was a night elf, because I liked the tall, dark skinned build. A friend of mine came along during wrath and we made Horde dks for chuckles and with him I founded the WfC. It occured to me that I couldn't ever love a class more than I love my warrior, and so I moved him over.

This occured a few times, so my warrior's had several different names in the interim, before we settled into what we have now.

I'm sorry I don't recognize you. So many faces come and go, it is difficult to keep track. Still love you tho~
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Still looking for a few solid, eager, fun raiders to launch our 10 man raiding team! We're getting close to filling the roster so get in at the ground floor! Here's what we're looking for:

-Leather melee dps
-DPS Shaman of either spec
-A healer with the flexibility to dps offspec, should it be required.
-An ilvl of 480
-A penchant for patience, learning, fun, and in general being a good teammate.

If you're looking to join a raid group on the ground floor, or looking to break into normals in Throne of Thunder, join our team. We're goal oriented and motivated to succeed, but we still maintain the fun and friendship of a fun atmosphere. And we're flexible, too! You won't have to quit your guild in order to raid with us. So if you're in your dream RP guild but also want to raid, we're the ones for you! Heck, I'll even RP with you in the raid!

Any questions or interest, feel free to message me, Liore, or Auraelith in game or by in-game mail. If you don't quite fit the specifications above but you know you'll be an awesome teammate, let me know!
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Bumparoo - we still want you! Spots above listed plus any exceptional candidates!
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Its worth mentioning that gear and aptitude are not necessarily restrictions; if you bring a good attitude and a willingness to learn, we can help get you up to speed. Many of our current members were newcomers not too long ago.
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90 Pandaren Warrior

Yes, we do. Here are some words:

-Ten man group, twice a week, 8pm server - 11pm server, Wednesdays and Sundays. Mumble server, 'casual progressive' mindset. Friendliness and sobriety recommended, but not enforced.

-Tank, ilvl 500 minimum, will be working beside a warrior, must display ability to manage multiple adds and basic knowledge of cooldown usage.

-DPS, ilvl 500 minimum, Int mail up for grabs, ranged or melee, must display proficiency and ability to NOT stand in things that will kill you.

I'll meet you at the battle rock.
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97 Orc Warrior
I stand in things that try to kill me. But they die trying. I am warrior. Hear me roar.
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