Info on Monk's CD's.

97 Human Death Knight
Can anyone provide it? Like in this format:

High HP
Active mitigation model

Defensive Cooldowns:
-Icebound fortitude (50% Less Damage 3m CD)
-Bone Shield (20% Less Damage 1m CD)
-Vampiric Blood (15% Hp, 25% bonus to healing 1m CD)
-Rune Tap (10% total health healed)
-Dancing Rune Weapon (20% parry)
-Army of the Dead (less damage equal to Dodge + Parry, usually about 30%)
Anti Magic Zone - 45s CD Both lower spell damage

-Raise Dead + Death Pact (50% health restored 2m CD)
-Anti Magic Shell - 2m CD
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90 Night Elf Monk
Defensive Cooldowns (by level acquired):
- Blackout Kick: Grants shuffle; increases stagger amount by 20% (see below); increases parry by 20%; lasts 6 sec.
- Dizzying Haze: 3% chance for hostile attacks to misfire and affect them.
- Stance of the Sturdy Ox: Reduces damage taken by 25%. Grants stagger.
- Stagger: Causes 20% of all physical damage to be deferred over 10 sec; can be purified.
- Keg Smash: Generates massive threat; applies Weakened Blows effect; applies Dizzying Haze effect.
- Breath of Fire: Glyphed it dazes targets afflicted with Dizzying Haze for 3 sec (can interrupt casters).
- Clash: Pseudo charge; stuns all mobs around impact point for 6 sec.
- Swift Reflexes: Does counter attack damage when attacked (annoying when soloing some old content).
- Fortifying Brew: +20% health and 20% damage reduction for 20 sec; 3 min CD. Increases stagger by an additional 20%.
- Expel Harm: Damages enemy and moderately heals monk; 15 sec CD. No CD below 35% health.
- Guard: Damage shield; scales with AP; 30 sec CD and duration.
- Elusive Brew: +30% dodge for 1/sec stack; generate 1 stack per auto-attack crits; max 15 stacks.
- Avert Harm: Directs 20% of all group/raid damage within 10 yards to monk; lasts 6 sec.
- Gift of the Ox: Chance when you deal damage to summon healing sphere. Light heal. Can create lots of spheres. Have to strafe to pick them up.
- Healing Sphere: Moderate heal. Costs energy.
- Grapple Weapon: Reduces physical damage on target and increaess yours; lasts 8 sec; 1 min CD.
- Black Ox Statue: Converts your damage into damage shields on raid; does not affect you.
- Purifying Brew: Dispels all stagger damage.
- Mastery: Increases stagger amount.
- Zen Meditation: Reduces all damage taken by 90%; redirects up to 5 spells to you; lasts 8 sec; 3 min CD; breaks if you move (can be glyphed to remove this restriction); breaks upon taking melee damage.
- Transcendence: Can swap places with spirit (good for movement heavy fights).

- Chi Wave (T3): Bounces 7 times, dealing damage or healing on each alternating bounce (i.e., enemey, ally, enemy, ally). Can macro or target it to heal four bounces, and damage three. Strong 5 or 10 man heal.
- Chi Burst (T3): Does damage and heals everyone in a cone-shaped AOE. Good 25M heal.
- Leg Sweep (T4): AOE stun; 5 sec duration; 45 sec CD.
- Dampen Harm (T5): Lasts 45 sec; reduces damage by 50% on any hit that does 20% or more of health; 1.5 min CD.
- Diffuse Magic (T5): Lasts 6 sec; reduces all magic damage taken by 90%; 1.5 min CD.

The primary mechanic of a monk is Stagger. Assuming you keep shuffle up, over 44% of all physical damage taken is deferred over 10 sec. This can be purified, eliminating this damage. With Fortifying Brew and Shuffle both active, stagger increases to over 65%.

While this sounds very powerful -- and it is -- a monk has to keep shuffle up by using BOK. This costs two chi. Purifying Brew costs 1 chi. Guard costs two chi. Some other abilities cost Chi or Energy. So tanking on a monk is all about resource management. It is also 100% active. Unless you are taking magic damage only there is no such thing as passive tanking on a monk. It is all active, all the time.
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97 Human Death Knight
Much appreciated.
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90 Night Elf Monk
The above is a long list so I'll break out exactly where you'd use some of these abilities (the most common ones):

Black Out Kick - Grants shuffle. Shuffle only lasts 6 sec, but it does stack. So you will end up spamming BOK a lot. Part of the challenge of monk tanking is balancing the time remaining on shuffle, with your resources, to determine when you can use your other tools. You never, ever want to let shuffle drop, as long as you are taking physical damage. You WILL die if that happens. (Unless its 5-mans, and you can skip it in some cases then.)

Breath of Fire - Useful to AOE interrupt casters in 5-mans.

Fortifying Brew - Biggest oh-crap button we have; best used against heavy physical damage to take advantage of the additional 20% stagger.

Expel Harm - Used on CD, as long as you have taken some damage.

Guard - Best used to counter non-physical damage, that cannot be negated through Shuffle: Magic, bleeds, etc. Also increases the amount of self-healing you do while guard is active. Think of this as the monk version of Shield Barrier. Shuffle is their equivalent to Shield Block. Also increases the self healing we do while it is active, so best used when you are not at full health.

Elusive Brew - You will avoid most physical attacks while this ability is active. However, you only gain elusive brew stacks through auto-attack critical hits. This is important because one of our key abilities -- spinning crane kick -- prevents you from making auto-attacks. So if you spam SCK you can't generate Elusive Brew stacks. In 5-mans, you can get away with it. In raids, you might not. Something you have to weigh on a per encounter basis.

Gift of the Ox - These pile up on either side of you over the course of a fight. Strafe right or left to pick them up for a quick emergency heals.

Healing Sphere - Useful between pulls to top off your health. Generally not useful during combat unless you are trying to heal someone else (e.g. healer). You can become energy starved using these, so it is not something you will use if you need to keep shuffle up.

Black Ox Statue - Arguably one of the best abilities in the our arsenal. This statue creates bubbles on the group/raid based on how much damage you do. Does not affect you, but can help the healers a great deal (think of it as our Battle Healer glyph).

Purifying Brew - Used to clear stagger damage. Generally only done when you are taking over 60% of your health in damage. Not worth purifying at lower intervals unless your healer is struggling.

Chi Wave - Useful in 5-man and 10-man raids any time you have extra chi to generate some extra healing on yourself or those around you.

Chi Burst - Useful in 25-man raids for raid healing.

Leg Sweep - Useful in 5-mans or trash packs to interrupt spells or to give you some breathing room while you build up chi for shuffle. Best example I can give on when I like to use this is Niuzao Temple, on the Amber Shapers. They will stun you within the first few seconds of a fight. Can use this to prevent that.

Dampen Harm - Preferred tanking talent for raids. Good for softening big hits in a fairly large window. Diffuse Magic is only better for encounters where you have extremely high magic damage, in a short window.

So, in short, we have a crap ton of CDs. That is sort of the challenge of the monk. Learning them all, and figuring out where to use them.
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100 Pandaren Monk
I really like the way the abilities are organized and presented here:

Check it out!
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90 Night Elf Monk
That is laid out very well, I'll concur.
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90 Pandaren Monk
just a small correction

- Chi Burst (T3): Does damage and heals everyone in a cone-shaped AOE. Good 25M heal.

it's a line between you and the target, not a cone.
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