Nescius is looking for new dps to replace some that we lost due to real life issues. We currently are looking to fill two spots a ranged class (preferably a mage, warlock, or ele shaman) and a melee class (preferably a rogue or enh shaman). At the moment we are clearing msv 10m every week, and killing 3 to 4 bosses in HoF 10m. We are looking to fill these rolls and be read to work on ToT 10m when it comes out.

Our raid times are Sunday 4pm to 8 server and Monday 8pm to 12 server. We keep our raids fun and semi casual but do like to progress. We understand when real life issues happen, and understand real life > wow.

If you have any interest in joining us send an in game mail to either myself or our gm Anii, or leave a post on this thread. Hopefully you will have a great time with us, and I'll see you at raid.