Hello, everyone!

So, myself and a group of friends created a guild called Blockbuster not long ago. At this point, we're level 18 and it's just a group of five of us. We're looking for some more people who are interested in progressing in 5.1 raids, and hopefully 5.2 raids here soon.

At the moment, we're mostly gearing out, so if you aren't geared, it's totally cool. We'll help out no problem.

Most of us are on anywhere from 11pm-5am Eastern, and I myself am always on anywhere from those times, and earlier on the days I don't have to work.

If you guys have any questions whatsoever, my RealID is: CaptainTree#1886, and my in game character is the one to the left, or my Protection Warrior named Hóvar.

Thanks for reading!

If you just want to join to talk to us or even just goof off in guild, or in Skype (Which we use regularly and will be using for raids) you're more than welcome to join!