[H] Misguided - LF 2 DPS, for core raid team

90 Blood Elf Priest
Misguided is a Semi-Casual raiding guild looking for new members. We are looking for individuals interested in long-term guild involvement. We are aiming to recruit enough responsible, active and interested members to see the creation of a second raid team and increased daily activity.

While many of us focus solely on raid progression, we also have a social component to the guild. We welcome social members if they are active, mature, and intend on remaining within the guild.

In general our guild is open and laid back. We are not pg-13, generally speaking we do not provide a social environment appropriate for children. We prefer members to be 18+ and capable of maturely handling use of obscenities in guild chat and adult humor.

Individuals interested in joining as a strictly social member must meet the following requirements:
-Active player (logs on frequently throughout the week)
-Willing to become a part of the guild via participation in guild interaction and activities. (You do not need to raid, but we want members who are here to be part of the guild, not take advantage of our perks).

Individuals interested in joining as raiding members, or with the goal of becoming a raiding member in the future, must meet the following requirements:
-Capable of logging on frequently, preferably daily.
-Capable of doing what is necessary to obtain raid appropriate gear (Heroics for VP, Raid Finders, etc.)
-Capable of playing for a long period of time one-two times per week (Our raid sessions are 3 hours.)
-Raiding members must be patient, and capable of handling progression (People wipe, it happens, we don't give rage quitters 2nd chances).
-Have an understanding of their class, spec(s) and the concept of raid encounters. (We are willing to introduce new raiders to the system, but you must first explain to us your lack of experience so that we may introduce you to the concept prior to joining any raid teams.)
-Required to have Vent, and run Deadly Boss Mods

Our current raid night/time is Sat 6-9pm.

Individuals wishing to ask questions or receive any additional information may contact me via in-game mail. The a in my name is done by holding down alt, and pressing 133 on your number pad. If you cannot do this, you may send mail to my alt Lilath. I log on her daily.

We are willing to schedule group activities so that members interested may meet some of our guildies and decipher if we will be a good fit. Contact me with available times so I may schedule it, I will post it on the calendar, and manually invite your character.

Guild Master: Kirà (Alt Lilath)
Co-GMs: Rubyhart, Diushi
Raid Leader: Diushi
Officers: Voldeneal, Shorr

Guild Website: misguideguild.wowstead.com (just misguide, misguided was taken =) ) A guild charter is available here, along the top tabs, toward the right.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
We are looking to fill 2 dps slots. Contact Diushi in game for more information.

Currently we need 1 melee, and 1 ranged. Though we may take 2 ranged on, as melee have been abused quite a bit in the encounters this expansion =)
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