Getting the maximum out of ReM/TFT/Uplift

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Hi all,

I've been running 10 man normal and LFR for a while now, and though everyone has been raving about great heals through Uplift and TFT, I've yet to be able to see/use/maximise this rotation.

I've been sticking to soothing/proc chi/EM and this still gets me up in the top heals, but it's an issue when raids/groups all get dealt significant damage (being a single-target based rotation).

What I'm after is some advice from healers - once you hit ReM, how long exactly until you need to hit the next, then timing for activating TFT/another ReM and Uplift…. perhaps there's some great suggestions for an uplift addon here?

I guess I've always been a fan of ranged healing and seeing as 5.2 is moving away from fist weaving-healing, will this method of aoe heals still be viable (I'm loving the Mana tea return at the moment).
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90 Pandaren Monk
First, you hit RM in cd, without fail. Then ideally, right before major damage comes out, use TFT then RM to refresh the timers. Of course, that takes practice to get the timing down. In the meantime, use TFT after you have 2 or 3 RMs go out and then use it on cd. This won't be optimal, but it will get you in the habit of using it, and you will see immediate results.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Cheers :)
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You mentioned addons, just wanted to say you can also use WeakAuras to track how many people in your raid have renewing mist, and the shortest timer of those in your group, in a very easy to read and concise icon. That information alone would probably help you out a lot when it comes to using TFT. :)
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63 Dwarf Priest
Weak Auras, as others have said. There's also a spreadsheet out there that will give you your ideal TFT time after the first RM. You should aim to be at the 3145 haste breakpoint to utilize this.

In general, the perfect TFT time is somewhere 17-19 seconds after the initial RM cast, while casting RM on CD. Particularly one of the windows right after RM hops, but before it wears off on the lowest duration target. Then you want one more RM to go out next CD and you're capable of having all 10 raid members RMed for 8-10 seconds. Apply Uplift liberally.

The "hard" part about this is to align that big blanket with huge raid damage. Since you should be using RM on cooldown, an easier way is just to forget about getting the "extra" target, and just aim for refreshing RM -> TFT -> Uplift about 10 seconds before the big raid damage. 9-10 people should be RMed, so you can generate Chi and then Uplift after the hits.
It can still be tricky because RMing on cooldown might not align perfectly with that window, but just do it a bit sooner than 10 seconds and you'll still have 4-6 seconds to Uplift everyone, which is probably enough.
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