some thought on new jab+tiger palm cost

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So I was thinking about this, and I realized that with this cost there are some possibly unintended consequences that will make our healing less intuitive than it should be.

1. Soothing Mist -> Tiger Palm during low intensity portions of the fight would be far more efficient than Jab -> Tiger Palm. Despite losing the 150% bonus on tiger palm.

Reason: it will cost 4.5% mana to Jab and Tiger palm will return 2% mana. That makes Jab -> Tiger Palm a net cost of 2.5% mana. It will cost, by comparison, 3% mana to generate 1 chi with soothing mist, making Soothing Mist -> Tiger Palm a net cost of 1% mana. This more than negates the increased effect of Tiger Palm for two reasons: Jab does not generate as much healing as soothing mist, and while the tiger palm will be lower in exact proportion to the decreased cost, the vital mist ability which is quite significant will remain the same, but cost a lot less.

Another side effect of this Soothing Mist -> Tiger Palm approach would be that Vital Mist would turn Surging Mist into a 5% mana cost, instead of the base cost of 8% if we wanted to use it for surging mist. Since we get chi back from Surging Mist, the cost would really be equivalent to 4% mana.

Other than this, if we are heavily penalized for using Jab during bursty damage and rely on soothing mist, this is going to encourage the use of *spamming* soothing mist and refreshing the channel (since this almost doubles your chi generation from soothing mist).

Just my two cents on some problems I can foresee here.

The best way to counteract these issues would be to simply revert the jab cost and lower the mana returns from tiger palm. In addition, it may be advantageous (or not) to lower the cost of surging mist, so we don't feel obligated to build and save vital mist procs to help improve our abysmal capacity to heal reactively.

On a related topic, the soothing mist upfront tick and the surging mist issue could be resolved in this manner: remove the soothing mist upfront tick so that we aren't encouraged to spam refresh it, increase the chance soothing mist has to generate chi to offset the removal, and then remove the GCD from casting/refreshing soothing mist so that we can quickly target switch and reactively heal with soothing mist/surging/enveloping mist.
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The healing style presented by the Jab->Tiger Palm, repeat five times, then cast surging mist, and periodically use Mana Tea with the glyph, is to be honest, only slightly less effective than the soothing mist style. I only dropped one place on the healing charts when I switched from Soothing Mist to Jab/Tiger Palm. Also, if you are good, you can use Thunder Focus Tea to up your healing.

You also are able to present a decent amount of DPS which is nice, at my current IL, I can do 38k DPS while maintaining 2nd or 3rd healing in a Raid.
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edit: Nevermind. This is a necro.
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