Magic Murder Bag Recruitment Thread

90 Orc Hunter
Magic Murder Bag is a guild with three goals.

1. Bring mature players together in a cooperative environment to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

2. To be an oasis for players tossed and crushed on the rocks of guild politics. To be a place where their perks always remain intact.

3. Down content, be it dungeon, raid, or holiday, for pets, mounts, legendaries, and titles.

The core of this guild is made up of four people. Three of us have played since Vanilla, the fourth, since BC. All of us have played in primary roles with DPS alts or specs for our entire career in this game.

On weekends we run raids that offer chances at rare mounts, titles, pets, achievements or pieces of legendary items.

During holidays, we band together to get as much out of each one as possible for our members. Especially when it comes to mounts.

We formed this guild for one simple reason: we were all tired of being burned by the guild achievement system.

The four of us have all belonged to promising raiding guilds; worked really hard at helping complete guild achievements in those guilds, only to have the guild transfer off the server, or break up because of a petty fight between officers, or die to the slow decay of people cancelling their subs, or people leaving the guild for more exciting ones without warning. We are sick of that.

As GM of this guild, I play every single class, and of those classes, I play every single tanking spec. I am on every day. I have earned the Loremaster title twice, once before Cata, and once after. I have earned the Seeker title three times over. On various toons, I have been in a high end (HM when current) raiding guild for the entirety of my WoW playing career which started in Vanilla. I have made every single mistake possible in this game, while seeing some extraordinary pieces of pure luck fall in my lap. If you are a new player, I will not steer you wrong, nor turn you away.

I have been an officer in every guild I have ever raided with, for one reason: I don't set people up to fail, I set them up to succeed.

If you want to be a part of this guild, on your main or alt, please contact me in-game via the guild request tool or by whispering someone in Magic Murder Bag.

PS. Yes I love Venture Brothers.
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