Hey Hellscream! I know i make a lot of useless threads but its because i want to make Hellscream a better realm. I have made 5 Guilds on Hellscream 2 have been very active. Its really sad how Hellscream is becoming more deader. I was debating on going to a PvP Realm for 5.2 but i thought about it and i think that Hellscream is still a lil alive with PvPers. So this is my plan for the future.

A lot of people get caught up on this whole Alliance vs Horde thing and i agree there's kids and douches but there on both Factions. I know a lot of people on both Alliance and Horde side...i know what i know lol. But i always wanted PvPers on Hellscream to get together and now i think is the time!
----------------Name of the guild???
The Guilds name is PvP Pwn Stars. A cute level 5 guild. Really i could care less of guild names and more of the players that are in it.
---------------PVPERS ON HELLSCREAM??? LOL...
There IS PvPers on Hellscream that are left and are still here. Im going to toss out a couple of Guild Names that have PvPers in it
1.(A)Flagged n Ready
3.(A)We Kill For Copper
4(A)Ancient Hysteria
5.(H)League of Shadows
7.(H)Smells like Victory
8.(H)Fratelli Di Notte
9.(H)Carpe Noctem and a couple of other Guilds have PvPers in it. Some of theses guilds are PVE Guilds also. This Guild will 96% Be PvP so not much HARDCORE PvE or much Regular even. I hope players join this Guild and Respect the PvPers in it. Right now my level 15 is GM. I will most likely bring my main (Ilovepizza) to Alliance to show more support on this guild. I'm not asking for you to bring ALL your toons or even your main. I'm asking for people (PVPERS) to make a alt and try it out and meet new PvPers. In your guild note will be the Guild you came from and your main char. (IM NOT TRYING TO STEAL PEOPLE FROM GUILDS... I'm trying to make the PVPERs make alts and level them in this guild to meet other pvpers.)
PvP Pwn Stars is recruiting all those PVPers out there on Hellscream to make PvPers come together as one!
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