Stories YOU wanted to see happen...but didn't

90 Orc Hunter
I'm sure those of us who've followed the lore long enough have gone through a period where we really hoped for a certain event only to be shown that it wasn't to be, so let's share a few.

For me, I really did hope that Thrall and Jaina would become romantically involved at some point. Such an event would've opened the door for either progress toward better Horde-Alliance relations or some form of mutiny, but there's certainly a lot that the developers could've played with.

There was also a part of me that wanted to see the Lich King ripped from Arthas (a la Doomsday from Davis Bloom in Smallville, for those who happened to catch that part all those years ago). I'd have been curious to see how much evil was truly the Lich King and how much was Arthas himself.
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42 Human Hunter
The Qiraji and Silithid.

They hyped them up to be a force to be reckoned with and honestly I thought they would be the next biggest threat and be led by the Old Gods or at least C'Thun. They would've been the insect version of the Zerg essentially and they could've been spreading up Kalimdor. Instead they abandoned that after C'Thun's defeat.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
That time that all the High Elves in the world tried to retake Stormguarde, but after every single one of them died, it was given up on being retaken forever.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Garrosh's maturation from Wrath-Rosh to Sensible-And-Logically-Sound-Rosh. That woulda been nice.
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100 Human Warrior
After the defeat of Arathas the Scourge were wiped out and the threat of the Lich King was removed.

A close second was Deathwing as a manipulator rather than ROAR, BURN, DESTROY.
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58 Undead Death Knight
I still hope for the CC to be taken down a peg and reabsorbed into the rest of Night Elven culture one day, but as for things that I no longer expect?

- Azjol Nerub and everything about the Nerubians. I wanted the place to be like it was in warcraft 3. Instead we had 2 crappy dungeons.

- Stromgarde in Cataclysm. I just thought that it would be involved in some significant way. Any way, really. But it wasn't. Alliance got zip updates to do with it, and Horde got to help undead-Galen do boring quests to get Trol'Kalar and then never do anything with it.

- Silverpine and the worgen. Should've been able to play it on Alliance-side.

- Night Elves in Cataclysm. How they fight isn't how they should be fighting. Yeah, they get wins, but they don't act like Night Elves. Most of their zones were unsatisfying, and bar the Shatterspear, they never felt like pre-WoW elves.

- Trolls in general. I feel they've been underused since forever. The Darkspear are largely confined to a crummy island where they do a few quests, then on to orcland for the next 55 levels. It might be happening soonish, but having quests involving Zul'Farrak, or the Shatterspear, or Witherbark, or any of the other ailing troll tribes, and uniting them under Vol'jin would've been great.

- Oh yeah, and Deathwing. A giant, flying sledgehammer is not an interesting villain. Imagine a Cataclysm where no one knew that Deathwing was responsible. The world shattered, the factions were sent reeling from it, and all the while Deathwing stood in the shadows, doing everything he could to divert hostility away from his own machinations and onto the opposing faction. Garrosh wouldn't need this "KILL EVERYTHING" mindset, as Deathwing could have been the guy responsible for all the really, really bad crap that went on. The war wouldn't have had to have been so lopsided. It wouldn't need this Lawful Good overdrive on one side and Evil McSmallhead and his goons on the other. The ending actually could have been satisfying.
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90 Human Warrior
The aftermath of Northrend and Ulduar/Uldum.

In the midst of a war as heated as this, wouldn't controlling something like the Forge of Wills, or the Spark of Imagination, or the Reorigination Beam be you know...KIND of important?

And what about Northrend? Are the humans colonizing it still? Are there resource operations set up? A military presence? Horde/Alliance conflict?
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100 Tauren Druid
There was no follow-up to Deathwing after his duel with Alexstrasza in Twilight Highlands. Going from that to his sudden siege of Wyrmrest Temple was incredible in how far the ball was dropped.

In fact, the way Cataclysm turned out Blizzard would've been better served to make the main conflict around Ragnaros. The follow-up for him was phenomenal and meant something to anyone who remembered the horrors he unleashed upon raiders in Vanilla Molten Core.
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76 Draenei Monk
The Draenei standing with their friends and storming Northrend in strength.

..Actually, Draenei anything.
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100 Draenei Mage
I wanted to see the War of the Acnients. Not that pitiful heroic they called Well of Eternity.

The original plan was to do a War of the Ancients raid. My guess is it was still to get the Demon Soul and him revealing his corruption to the rest of the Dragon Flights.

Would have been a great Night Elf raid too. Everyone being turned into Night Elves for it and fighting alongside Tyrande, Malfurion, Jarod Shadowsong and the acnients.

But no, we got Well of Eternity. Boring dungeon with a scaled down Well, when it's suppose to be the size of a lake with 3 major cities on its shores, but nope. It's the size of a pond.
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90 Human Monk
After the defeat of Arathas the Scourge were wiped out and the threat of the Lich King was removed.

A close second was Deathwing as a manipulator rather than ROAR, BURN, DESTROY.
This so much. I am still disappointed that they didn't have a cooler boss battle as I found the Deathwing fights to be very anticlimactic. I imagined a fight with deathwing transforming into his human form and actually fighting him instead of a bunch of tentacles.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
The Neptulon story. I guess part of it did happen but then....nothing.

Good Alliance story telling. Somewhere. Anywhere. I'm not picky.
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90 Orc Warlock
Ayas and Ji. We should have been following their story up thru the levels...unfortunately it's all in the past.

Azjol-Nerub, we could have actually dealt with the release of the Faceless, in addition to having a new zone in Northrend. Would have been perfect for Cata if only they hadn't remade the entire Old World.

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90 Human Death Knight
I want to see Jaina get knocked up by Arthas. :D
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Manipulator Deathwing -.-

He should have caused the Cataclysm and then manipulated faction leaders to send them at war. This could have been Garrosh's corruption instead of the sha thing we'll probably get.

And Neptulon. This was one of the best storylines of Cataclysm and nothing happened with it.

Arathi is in third position for the most disapointing unfinished storyline.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
I could go on for ages, really.

I've been told time and again that World of Warcraft just isn't the place to go for story. That really, we should only expect the lowest level of narrative quality, and that I'm just barking up the wrong tree.

Given what I've seen, I'm starting to agree with them, and without story - given Warcraft's unremarkable gameplay, the only thing keeping me here is the social interaction.
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- Dark Trolls. Saying the twilight guys killed them all off is so incredibly lazy.

- Azjol'Nerub. Why is this place not a zone? It had the potential to be one of the greatest zones ever.

- Some wc2 Horde heroes coming back into the fold as new Horde, having to deal with their old bloodthirst and Thrall guiding them to be better.

- Garrosh not turning lolevil.

- Ogres on Horde for BC, Elves for alliance... with Draenei staying Draenei the way they were before BC.

- Deathwing not being a completely shallow villain.

- The Trolls not all dying out.

- Visiting Zandalari one day, OH WELL.

- Abyssal Maw raid. Like wtf, I love water levels in most video games (except the water temple in Zelda: OoT, !@#$ that place).

- Thrall going all Go'el.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Garrosh becoming a competent leader. Sweet baby Jesus I wanted that but nope all we got was....current Garrosh. So much potential wasted.
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100 Troll Shaman
- The Trolls not all dying out.

- Visiting Zandalari one day, OH WELL.

02/19/2013 12:27 AMPosted by Gandred
Trolls in general.

Funny that we've been fighting Trolls more than pretty much any other enemy in Warcraft, and we can still say we've gotten very little by way of actual story for them, eh?
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