Leviticus (25) is looking for a couple of DPS for our core 10 man normal team. We have been on break all of MoP and are now starting to raid. If you are a player that enjoys casual raiding with a group of awesome people, a player who hasn't started raiding or may be uncomfortable in a serious progression minded group, this guild is the perfect place for you. We need one ranged dps (ele shaman, warlock, hunter) and one melee dps (monk, rogue, dk, enh shaman).

We provide a raid tab with potions, foods, gems, and enchants.
We provide guild repairs.
We have a vent for gossiping and such. (Kidding, only about the gossiping)

If you think Levi would be an awesome fit for you, respond here or send an in game whisper to any Leviticus member.

We are also accepting any super cool, nice people that just want to hang out and goof off.
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