Prot Paladins in RBGs

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Fean you haven't been right about anything outside of the existence of abilities you are talking about.
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I'd just like to point out that these deficiencies did not just spontaneously appear unbeknownst to Blizzard.

There are no Pallygeists that are evil-spiriting paladins in PvP.

Blizzard DID look at prot paladins in PvP.
Blizzard enacted these specific deficiencies.
Either they are completely incompetent, or they hold a view that is at least similar to mine.

You know, that actually doesn't follow through, because there are many more "or"s in there.

A lot of the things that he is talking about were more or less consequential from the changes done to Paladins over the course of the expansion. As an example, one of the side effects of Active Mitigation IS to make it so that when we're crowd controlled, we are relatively weaker than previously when most everything was passive.

It's not "incompetent" to miss out on some of these side effects, and it certainly does not require needing to share a view that Tanks should not be in PvP for them to remain while other changes go into effect (especially when you already have the stigma of Tanks and PvP reducing the depth and quality of feedback they would receive on the subject as opposed to the volume they would receive on Warriors, or Rogues, or Shadow Priests, etc.)

After all, they ARE making changes in areas that WILL affect Tanks, if you bother actually following patch notes (and I doubt you do).
You seriously need to get a better understanding of Design before you put fingers to text about it.
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Not to mention the increase to Battle Fatigue from 15% to 30%.

What a lot of people fail to realize is that Prot Paladin self healing is all AP based. In a Vengeance-less world our heals are garbage. We have only one percentage based heal and that's Ardent Defender which requires us to die on order to be gain a 15% heal that leaves us sitting in execute range.

So we're balanced around self healing, but we can't do that in PvP. Also can't Bubble while holding a flag but we're balanced around having bubble.

Hell even part of our mitigation suffers. Sacred Shield in PvP gear gives me a 14k absorb every 4.85 and my seal of insight heals for 5,402 BEFORE battle fatigue. So good.
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The more I think about it the more I feel the following statement is true:

With Ret Paladins actually putting out decent healing they will have more survivability than Prot Paladins in PvP come 5.2.

I'm going to give a Sword and Board ret Paladin with Seal of Justice/Burden of Guilt kiting a go on the PTR. Seems like it would be goofy. Bombing Selfless Healer heals on others while kiting as a FC while popping some decent Words of Glory on myself.
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Celli, I did a little experament, just to see how things play out as far as Ret VS prot healing goes.

Here are the result of the experament under current verision 5.1 conditions.

Right now same gear both specs.

Prot = 12641 Spell Power

Ret = 13265 Spell power ( Ret has more because of the STR bonus from gear )

RET also has Sword of Light, that grands an additional 30% healing via Flash of Light and Word of Glory.

The results as follows.

Word of Glory Prot Average 36625

Word of Glory Ret Average 49254

Flash of Light Prot Average 27689

Flash of Light Ret Average 35590

So because Ret gets Sword of light, and because it gets a STR bonus and thus more base spell power, its healing is far and above Prot, more over Ret will be getting a PVP power bonus, and a sword of light buff.

Prot will be getting a grand crusader nerf, and no buffs.

I honestly think some one is intentionally ignoring our problems.

Yeah, and thats without any debuff/battle fatigue. In RBGs usually a 3 HP WoG heals me for a little over 10k thats like one second of Second Wind.
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Are you running Sword and Board Ret on the PTR or Live?

And I'm not surprised it's working. I haven't had a chance to test the idea but just thinking about it in my head it's a lot of kiting power with Justice/Burden and a lot of healing. I'm sure it would work with a 2 hander as well but Sword and Board Ret looks funny and this is a troll idea.

Ran some numbers on the PTR for Ret Sword and Board.

Word of Glory: ~55k
Flash of Light Self: 62k
Flash of Light 3 Stack Selfless Healer on Others: 111k(Non Crit)

This could be really fun.
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Whats intresting is that post does not even show up here any more and I sure did not delete it, so thanks for the bump Fean because even if you are wrong 100% of the time I still think you are a nice guy for being so decent as to bump our post.

Have a nice day.
Your post was deleted by a mod, but that doesn't move the thread back down the thread list.
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
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