The Few Reborn is a family friendly guild, currently working on individual lfr gearing and completing old content raid achieves/metas. We are a small guild with many alts, and we currently are planning on finishing wrath meta achievements for mounts.
We hope to develop a very casual current content raiding group. It looks like we will be able to support a 1 night a week, 2 hours or so, raiding group, for people who just want to have fun and get a chance at some loot. We have several toons currently running lfr content, but are much more focused on having fun rather than pushing progression.
If you are apprehensive about getting into raiding, or just want to build achievement progress, you will find a good home with us!
Our main focus is to find more members to make our guild more active. We are a pretty easy going guild, and would love to have more good people hanging out. You can apply by visiting our website, this link will take you to the applications page:
As I have said, we are very casual, but we have a guild bank with crafters in all professions providing low cost gear and enchants, and mostly just want to help each other improve their characters.
In-game, you can contact Kaetarian, Lyonidah, Ptolomei, Yurei, Enoch, Dancarcillo, Quickben, Chrysame, Letamar, for details or questions.

We would love to be progressing through normal mode content, but currently have too few members to consider any current raiding. That is an end goal, but mostly we want to enjoy the game, and will raid when we are good and ready.