What happened to stealth?

90 Undead Rogue
Let me preface this with I played a rogue during vanilla WoW and stopped after BC launched and just picked up the class again with MoP.

What happened to abilities like multi-shot, chain lighting etc. not breaking stealth if the player couldn't see you? Seems like I get anywhere near a player in a BG, stealth is going to get broken by some broken AoE mechanic.

they gave us subterfuge to balance this, so instead of fixing stealth or buffing it, they gave us a stupidly op ability.

on that note it kinda ruins rogue v rogue duels too
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90 Undead Rogue
02/16/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Çronus
Stealth isn't fair. When you stealth, you become invisible to the people around you. In order to balance the game every class needs a viable method of unstealthing you. I'm surprised monks don't have a flare ability yet.

Yea but a Hunters barrage on a player 15 yards away shouldn't be hitting me in stealth?
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90 Human Warrior
in my opinion they should redesign the rogue so they dont have to rely on stealth all the time, they should increase thier defense so they can fight well when not stealthed

make it so they dont die in 3 seconds lol, when unstealthed
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90 Night Elf Druid
02/16/2013 10:47 PMPosted by Relapse
I'm pretty sure walking breaks stealth nowadays

Walking has always had a chance to break stealth, it's long been the most annoying thing about the class IMO. Except in Cata where you could get shadowstep at level 10 and telefrag stuff instead of walking up to it hoping the RNG doesn't hose you while you're playing your glass cannon melee class that's horribly dependent on getting the drop on absolutely everything it fights.
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