Too lazy to level your own battle pets? I'll do it! I have no life, no job and no one to love me, and 'wowkemon' is my end game. Leveled from 1 to 25 in about an hour, give or take a few minutes on either side depending on how sidetracked I get with shiny mining nodes or rarespawns I must kill to make me feel better about myself.

I can power level any type of battle pets for Horde or Alliance members (Alliance pets will be leveled off Realm due to the fact I have no high level Ally toons on Azjol Nerub, they will however be returned to you on Azjol when they hit 25 so no worries there). If the pet can be caged, I can level it to 25 with no problems.

References are available. I've leveled 15 pets for other folks in the past few days, and most of my guild knows how stupidly addicted I am to farting around with the battle pets so you are welcome to ask around with them. Feel free to check my armory to see I do have several 25's in my own collection, more adding in every day if you keep watching. ;)

You must have a level 25 pet in your book in order to uncage other 25's (unless that has changed recently)... but if you're just too busy/lazy to level that new level 1 arrival, I'll do it. He'll be a new member to your level 25 team in about an hour.
Or, if you want to get a pet leveled to flop on the AH and hope for a higher price, I can level it up for that too. I don't care what you do with them after I level them, that's your business not mine.

As for payment... I do it more for the enjoyment of leveling them than anything else. While payment either in the form of gold, other battle pets, or sha crystals would be nice, it is NOT required.

Horde members can toss me a whisper in game, or a mail in the rare event that I am offline. Alliance members, feel free to add Swiftarrow#1560 to your friends list.

Let me know if I can help. :)