We are seeking tanks, healers, and select DPS for our progression team.

-Good attitude & mature first & foremost. We are a friendly, drama free guild and intend to stay that way.
-Preferred ilvl of 475, reforged/gems/enchants
-Knowledge of raids and/or motivation to learn via online resources.
-Know how to play your class
-Take direction well
-Ventrillo with mic.
-Deadly Boss Mobs or similar addon(pretty standard for any raider)

Currently we are looking at Tues & Thurs 7-10pm server time so availability is important. RL always comes first but constant absence will slow our progress and you will be moved to a substitute role.

Current Needs
-Disc Priest
*DPS off spec preferred

Even if you don't play the classes listed contact me or anyone in Wicked and we'll get you in the guild. As long as you meet the raid requirements we'll try our best to get you in a raid as we have the framework of a weekend team going also. We hope to hear from you soon.
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