New healing trinkets in 5.2

90 Goblin Priest
02/15/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Meit
Awww man this + new disc DA and boost to penance atonement heal = sad spellcaster DPS

There's really nothing about the new DA changes that make this amazing for disc (in fact the changes actually decrease the attractiveness of this trinket). It's really an awful trinket for a healer at 0.5ppm and a 4 sec proc. With disc, there is a significant chance you will proc it during periods of low healing (atonement/evangelism building). Now you may be able to squeeze in two poh/GH/whatever casts during the proc, but you will have to hold your breath, watch for the proc, and pray it procs when you actually need it. Not saying the proc will go totally to waste with an ABC mentality, but I hope we have much better options.

It's a dot dps trinket (most likely given to boomkins first). Maybe we'll get our hands onto it after everyone has one, but I suspect it will be taking up bank space soon after (unless you os shadow/boomy).
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90 Blood Elf Priest
For comparison's sake:

5.2 trinkets
@502: 688 MP5
@522: 828 MP5
@535: 935 MP5

Relic of Chi Ji
@476: 759 MP5
@480: 787 MP5
@484: 818 MP5

Spirits of the Sun
@483: 658 MP5
@496: 742 MP5
@509: 838 MP5
@517: 903 MP5

Qin-Xi's Polarizing Seal
@510: 740 MP5

Cutsticher/Heartwarmer Medallion
(also Jade Courtesan Figure & Scroll of Revered Ancestors)
@496: 541 MP5

*edit- keep in mind the Relic and Spirits are maxiumum output based on proccing every ICD. Horridon's Last Gasp (5.2 trinket) can be both higher and lower, as it its based on an average.
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90 Troll Priest
I'm mostly interested in the unnerving vision because I suspect by the time I start heroic I'll be geared enough that for a lot of fight I won't have mana problem and this will only get more apparent has I get more heroic gear. So rather than regem/reforge on a per fight basis I'd much rather just switch a trinket around on the fight where I'm good on mana.

Also, none of teh other trinket seems any interesting >.>

The chalice is clearly meant for druid/holy priest with renew. At 3.0 ppm (I'm assuming here it means one heal proc per 2 minute).

Zuldazar is nice, but meh, same problem as previous with low proc and no ICD.

Hydra spawn is probably the one I'll use for other trinket.

Horridon, another low proc with no ICD.

Talisman, 10% mana every 3 minute, meh.
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