Hello! With only a few weeks left in the tier, we thought we'd have some fun! We will be selling Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults runs until 5.2 to people interested in getting their Delver of the Vaults title and Feat of Strength Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor before it disappears next patch! The price for a full run is 150k gold. This includes any gear that drops that you need, and all of the achievements for the bosses.

We are also selling the Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent mount for 15k gold!
This mount requires you to join the guild and become exalted, which should only take a day or so with the tabard.

We will soon also be selling challenge mode bronze, silver, and gold runs!

We will also be running a weekly pug/alt run very soon!

More info about Mitosis pugs, sales, and events next tier, at www.mitosisguild.com
Edited by Sabsy on 2/18/2013 3:19 PM PST