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Hey there everyone, I'm starting up a fresh reroll rp guild and we are currently trying to decide on a realm to call our home.

( our current website : http://z13.invisionfree.com/RPReroll/index.php?act=idx )

The whole point is to get a fresh start (which I'm sure a lot of people could use after 8 years of this game) and begin the journey with connections already formed, so that they can grow as you level and be apart of your story. For instance, how often do you get to roll a character and have someone roll with you as a brother, father, or a friend from the third war?

Anyways, that is what we are all about, we are going to be horde side, and I was wondering how the rp and community is here? How active is the rp community in engaging with one another, planning events, pressing rivalries and alliances, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my questions.
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VeCo has a great history of multiple guilds working together to form up some awesome events.

Just speaking for Thunderhoof, we are aligned with The DreadHorde, a confederation of several RP/PVP guilds including Blacktooth Grin among others.

We have also had a number of events on our own, coordinating with alliance guilds for special events like rescue operations, having one guild attack another on trade missions, or to provide resistance and response to activity in a given area for a more exciting and realistic storyline. One of most recent server events was the Moonglade Rave. I am pretty sure the thread is still on the front page here.

The individual guilds also hold events within themselves. Thunderhoof has a long history of "The Ritual of the Hunt" in which we dress in low-level robes and roll through Stranglethorn Vale using nothing but grey maces and staves to pound every alliance we find. We also have seasonal rituals in which others are invited to attend.

We have a smaller population here than some other servers, but I think that gives your new guild an opportunity to create a meaningful home, as you have more impact on the community as a whole.

I have been here for the better part of 4 years and it has, by far, been my favorite online community I have had the fortune to come across. While no server is free from dorks and dinks, I think you will find the people here tend to be friendly and helpful, and interested in seeing your guild thrive, as we are community focused, rather than just worried about our own guilds.

We have a lot of server pride, and for good reason. We have built this community ourselves and it is a good one. Feel free to contact me or any other poster for a look around and some introductions. I am certain you'll like what you see.
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Aovi said it best.

This server may have low to medium population but that doesn't mean the RP scene doesn't exist. There is a strong community among the major guild who encourage or protect the Rp community. And i'm not just talking about the dreadhorde alliance on horde side. *respect signs to the alliance*. Sure, we may not be as popular as say moon guard or wyrmrest accord, but we are all helping each other out like a family here. You WILL make a difference here if you chose veco as your new home.

Don't think that the thunderhoof is the only guild with rituals, look at us blacktooth grin! We got it all, inductions, patrols, tavern nights, orc clan RP, you name it! There are also many numerous and newly CRZ refuge guilds popping up here and there with themes of their own.

I strongly suggest you make alts and see what this server has to offer. Hit either of us in whispers and we can give ya the tour!
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