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Hey there everyone, I'm starting up a fresh reroll rp guild and we are currently trying to decide on a realm to call our home.

( our current website : http://z13.invisionfree.com/RPReroll/index.php?act=idx )

The whole point is to get a fresh start (which I'm sure a lot of people could use after 8 years of this game) and begin the journey with connections already formed, so that they can grow as you level and be apart of your story. For instance, how often do you get to roll a character and have someone roll with you as a brother, father, or a friend from the third war?

Anyways, that is what we are all about, we are going to be horde side, and I was wondering how the rp and community is here? How active is the rp community in engaging with one another, planning events, pressing rivalries and alliances, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my questions.
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Silver Hand has no RP. Most of them ran off to moonguard or some other rp server
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My guild occasionally does some light RP, but not very often. It's pretty sad, I do wish there was more RP on Silver Hand.

I've done a little RP in Orgrimmar and the general reactions are... not engaging. Or encouraging. Considering it's a RP realm there is a surprising lack of tolerance towards it. It might be different Alliance side, but I've never played Alliance on SH to see.

If I want to RP I usually end up going to Silvermoon and interacting with the cross realm players from Feathermoon, Thorium Brotherhood, and Scarlet Crusade.

I think your idea sounds pretty good. If you do settle on SH, I wish you luck. You'll need it.
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