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The Dark Alliance has been slow to venture into raiding this expansion. Like a lot of smaller casual guilds, we have not had the numbers to forge into any sort of regular raiding. Folks have been slower to level up, slower to gear up, slower to come back to WOW, slower to recover from the edges of “burn out”. Probably because we are indeed older this expansion. We are a guild of 30+ individuals who have found that we still enjoy playing together even after all these years but life does get in the way at times. So yeah we do things a bit slower than a lot of guilds. WOW might be grindy and predictive…but the DA sure isn’t! We can still find the amusement with ourselves and the game after all these years.

It is now that we are even beginning to consider setting foot back into some semblance of a regular raiding schedule. With that said, we have decided upon a schedule.... We will be raiding Wednesday & Thursdays from 6-8pm Server Time with flexibility to go until 8:30pm. Since we represent all of the continental time zones in our current group we have found that we can’t start much before 6pm PST to allow for our west coast folks to get home from work and get some dinner and we can not end any later than 11-11:30 EST so that the Eastcoast folks can get enough sleep to function at work the next day! :)

Unlike a lot of guilds, we seem to have Tanks & Healers covered. We need some DPS. We aren’t picky and really any Competent DPS would not be turned down– however I feel the best compliments to the group would be ranged (Mage/Warlock) followed by the rogue/warrior melee types.

I (as GM of the DA) would not require that you join our guild unless you wanted to… we are quite a friendly bunch and after a few nights with us, you just might want to join our goofy guild. What I would ask is that you do join us in vent. I expect everyone (whether they are guild or not) to come into raid nights prepared (have watched strategies) and be willing to give / take constructive criticism. By that I do not mean posting recount showing who is slacking in DPS and who is top! You would have equal opportunity at gear –as we are using a /roll system coupled with the rule, “don’t be a jerk”. Your participation in our raid/s is dependent on your ability to accept a calendar invite though.

If you are interested in giving us a commitment to raid and show up – we would love to have you. Since we are older, we are a bit more patient – we realize we will not be clearing content immediately and it might take a bit more time to get the group solidified. We are not for those that need to raid NOW, need Loot NOW. We are looking for patient, seasoned raiders who are willing to go do some older content / achievement farming/LFR if a full group isn’t available on raid nite.

I feel we are on the verge of getting something going which could be fun for all. IF you are interested give a shout out to me, Felinebardo and we can chat ;)
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I would like to point out that it is nice that you take in account that people from the east coast play here considering most of the raiding guilds here run into or past midnight EST while raiding.
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