<A> The Sanguine Legion is Recruiting!

84 Gnome Mage
At a table in the Blue Recluse of Stormwind, tucked back into a corner beneath the stairs, sits a rather foolish looking gnome and surly dwarf. Before them sits a Guild Charter.

“We’ll call it th’ Sanguine Legion,” the dwarf states with a grunt.

The gnome’s face lights up as he hears the name “Ooh I like that! The Happy Legion! I like happy things! But why are we a legion? Do we have five thousand people? And who are we fighting? Are we happy because we’re not fighting? Fighting can be har-“

“WE ARE NOT TH’ HAPPY LEGION, DAMMIT!” The dwarf lets out gruffly, slamming an open palm on the table for emphasis. “We be th’ Sanguine Legion. Sanguine, like Blood Red. Use yer ‘ead little one.”

Bumble frowns, contemplating what the dwarf has said. “But if I’m in charge, can’t I make sure we can be happy too?”

In frustration, the dwarf throws his hands into the air, storming out of the tavern. Before exiting completely, he tacks a note to the board in front of the door.


Adventurers young and old to join the Ranks of the Sanguine Legion.

We will help you gear up and prepare you to meet the horde and whatever other abominations that are thrown your way. All expenses in regards to damaged gear will be covered.

Those interested in joining contact Bumble Togglewitz for an interview.

Still looking to hire officers for the Legion.”

Bumble gets up from the table and goes to leave, but not before scribbling his own message down the bottom of the notice…

“Free cookies for those who join. They make people Sanguine!”


The Sanguine Legion is a lvl 4 RP-Leveling guild based out of the Blue Recluse in Stormwind (for now). What we will become later is still up in the air.

With 6 bank tabs (7 upon reaching the next guild level) and free guild repairs, you now have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting. Help shape a brand new guild and RP in a nondiscriminatory environment today! Contact me via whispers or ingame mail for more information or to join the guild!

Yes, every new member DOES get a cookie.
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100 Tauren Shaman
Grats on the new guild! Always great to see the community grow.

Let us know Horde-side if there is anything we can do to help with story lines, provide encounters, or anything else.
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84 Gnome Mage
Thank you, Aovi! Always good to get the nod from one of the most esteemed members of the server.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
The rode does not always bump Alliance RP guild recruitment threads. But when he does, it's when it involves an awesome RP post with a over excited gnome promising free cookies.

Keep Rping responsibly, my friend. ;)
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84 Gnome Mage
Thanks Rode!

Just as an update, The Sanguine Legion has now hit level -5-! So we get to enjoy meaningful dungeon/battleground runs AND additional bank space!
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