[H]LF cross-realm invite for Loque'nahak tame

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Not sure how the people in this thread will react to this post, but here goes...

I was in the same boat as OP, but never thought of asking people for invites. Instead, I shelled out the $25.00 and backed my bags for a new home. So far, everyone I have met is really nice and I am enjoying the peace and quiet while questing. Finding rare pets is nothing more than going to their locations and picking them up. It is wonderful.

CRZ has been the worst thing Blizzard has done to this game, and they need to specifically have servers which are free from it. Some of us want to play alone, and they need to understand that. I realize this is an MMO, if I want to group with people I will use the LFG and LFR systems. Having loads of people in older areas is nothing more than an inconvenience. The game is too easy for grouping to make any sense, so all you are left with is waiting for things to re-spawn.

However, what people need to understand is how much of a pain CRZ has made finding rare pets. It is beyond "hard," but has become the most frustrating experience in this game. Spawns are camped by numerous people, some whom are not even hunters. Once the beast spawns, a person starts the tame, the rest all spree to one-shot the poor creature. It becomes a lose-lose situation. If you do not believe me, look at the hunter forums. The first few pages are always full of people complaining about this very fact.

Blizzard is good at picking up when game experiences are not fun and frustrate players. This will not doubt get changed. 5.2 is adding some freebie spirit beasts, but I am sure all hunters share my sentiment about a porcupine being a poor substitute for a ghostly bear you have been chasing forever.
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So far, the conclusion I've come to: It's okay for them to choose to camp rare spawns on our server, but it's not okay for them to have people from other servers camping their rare spawns.

The only difference between those two is choice. CRZ sucks, I get that... But to say it's better because they choose to do it is odd to me.
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^^sums up how I feel about CRZ beggars
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