Herald Of the Titans Mana Cap

80 Undead Monk
Hey! I've been looking around the web for information on herald of the titans. A few friends and I are gearing up our 80s for it and Im going as pally heals. The guides i've found all mention int but that cant be right, can it? I mean the mana cap on my pally is 18,000 mana. I'm new to pally heals... it just doesnt seem worth the spell power and spell crit when i could be stacking something like spirit. What are your thoughts? Idc if some one calls me out for being a noob I'd really like to clear this up. Thanks!
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90 Human Paladin
Spirit is needed for regen, yes, but that spell power and associated crit is pretty important--This is where the word "throughput" comes in. Having all the regen in the world means little if your spells aren't really healing for anything.

This is true of all caster classes; how much Intellect you have no longer changes your mana pool, but it changes how effective your spells are. In a healer's case, the more you can heal in one spell is less mana used, and have available for another spell.

Also, once you hit a certain plateau of Spirit and your regen is comfortable, it's not as mandatory and you can start looking at secondary stats (Mastery for paladins, since that affects the absorbs you give the party).

Not to mention when it comes to caster gear, it's all going to come with intellect automatically. And paladin gear comes with spirit most of the time, too. Gems can boost one, the other, or even both, as can enchants and other benefits. Inscription bonuses at that level may be available too.

There may be some slight skewing since you'll be level 80, but it's still going to work *basically* the same.
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80 Undead Monk
awesome thanks for clearing that up, I stoped playing at the end of wrath, int not effecting mana is deffo new to me
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90 Human Warlock
spirit > int > mastery > Crit=Haste
At high gear levels, your heals have extremely good scaling as well as base power, due to their nature of being "bombs", but they are also very expensive. This is offset by stacking spirit to make up for the remaining difference.
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90 Worgen Priest
Most of the Herald guides were written prior to the big changes to healing in 5.0, so keep that in mind. It is a very healing-intensive fight, even more so depending on what tanks you have. Good luck!
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