Kami no Bushido (A) - Arathor-US pst

Kami is a newly formed 10man raiding guild focused on full clearing current content on normal mode lead by experienced raiders. (heroic modes will be an option but not a focused push)

We enjoy raiding with mature, fun, like minded people, and enjoy pushing progression but are trying to avoid the drama that Heroic progression brings. The plan once we full clear normal modes would be to either have fun trying for achievements, bringing in alts to enjoy raiding as different roles (gearing alts), or just trying to get the more rare Thunderforged gear to improve our mains.

Raid leaders come from one of the top guilds on Arathor and have experience raiding from Classic -> MoP up to 6/16 HM. We have some friends from an old BC/Wrath raiding guild that are quality players just getting back into the game. We will be starting out clearing 16/16 to help gear up players before we start pushing 5.2 content. Once we have a set comp I'm certain we will fly through content due to most of our experience on these fights.

We currently have an 8 player raid comp and are looking for a few more to fill out our core 10 man.

LF healers + healer with dps spec
Full on shaman healers any other heal specs welcome

Our raid times are two days out of the week, Tues and Wed.
7:00pm - 10:00pm pst

Loot Rules are free roll Main > Off Spec
With some slight loot council involved. (Special circumstances where an item is a major upgrade vs a side grade)

Depending on how quickly we fill our core raid spots I believe we should easily have down 16/16NM and be able to hit up 5.2 within a couple weeks of patch launch. If you're interested at all myself or my wife are almost always on in the evenings battletag Musashi#1594 or Kathe#1902