My co-tank...Help me to help him.

90 Draenei Warrior
So after 6 progression nights with this new group, we downed 6/6 in MV (personally for me I'm a late starter for this tier) and are now moving on to HoF, now my personal experience has been smooth thus far, 4/6 go down without much of fuss. (I still hate dogs, but that is a personal issue.)

Altho we down Elegon In 1 raid night, the kill its self was by a hair as in 5-6/10 died (both tanks included) just before he died, at the time I didn't pay mind to it, but problems started @ Will.

First raid night both of use are (the tanks) are getting use to combos and managing CD's (Melee swings/Gas) and everyone is getting used o theirs jobs (adds/mana managment/etc.) We don't down him, but we (the tanks) have really smoothed out our combo dancing, but we don't down Will

Our second night, we downed will after a few pulls, during this I'm finally able to get some feedback from my healers (Paladin/Shaman). They are having problems with titan gas phases and healing my death knight co-tank. They said that they didn't have any problems healing me gas or no gas. I haven't really inspected my co-tank till now, a few things start to concern me.

His armory:

now, I know the easy fixes.

Neck, Helmet, a ring, maybe a trinket, profession

but there are other things I'd wanted looked at, as I'm not sure how DKs works in 5.1

also should he get hit/expertise capped? (7.5% / 7.5% or 7.5% / 15%)

I have skimmed over the DK tank guide over in the Death knight forums as a double check for myself, but it says that it is fine to not get capped in either hit or expertise.

any help I can give this guy? Garalon/Empress concern me.

This guild doesn't have a have world a logs, I'm bringing that up to the raid leader on our next raid night.
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
His mastery is much lower than it could be. He is reforging mastery on his gear, but he is always reforging what he feels is the less desirable stat. For DKs mastery is so much better than every other stat he should be reforging whichever of the 2 stats is higher regardless of what they are to get the most mastery.

He also isn't favoring mastery in his gemming. Yellow sockets should always be pure mastery, red should be parry/mastery or expertise/mastery (either is fine) and blue should be stamina/mastery. Some of his gems have no mastery and he also has hybrid gems in yellow sockets.

That said DK squishiness usually comes down to one of 2 things-

1. Not deathstriking enough. This usually comes from using deathrunes on heartstrike instead of more deathstrikes. Playing a DK properly requires the use of a rune addon to manage them. Make sure he has one. I use CLC DK from but there are many good ones to choose from.

2. Not using cooldowns enough. DKs have lots of cooldowns because we are balanced around using them. It's a long fight and he should be using them multiple times.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Death Knights like stamina. A lot. They're the only class I advocate gemming stamina for. Not that gemming mastery is wrong, but his current gems are fine.

And yes, he needs to fix BOTH his professions. Tell him to level his leatherworking, then drop skinning for something useful.
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100 Orc Death Knight
Death Knights like stamina. A lot. They're the only class I advocate gemming stamina for. Not that gemming mastery is wrong, but his current gems are fine.

mastery > stam

unless some fight dictates you need glorious amounts of health. Something like lei shi mastery would be less sort after.
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