Early MoP History in Goozor's Perspective

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Hello i am Goozor, I also known as: Crazyidiotz, Ultratumbo, and more. Mists of Pandaria can easily be the most game-changing experience for me since I left Drak'thul and returned with new-found knowledge.

Post-MoP: Drak'thul was slowly declining until it starved; causing what is known to me as the Black Void. The Black Void however, was more intense in the Horde side.

Early MoP, Patch 5.0.4: When i got back up I noticed that WoW changed... the familiar Affliction was re-designed so was my first main spec Demonology. This opened a window for me to adapt to new Pandaria habitat. Also the wait for Pandaria began its countdown until it was the day. However, early launch was horrible was i was forced to PvE in order to level.

Early Mop, Patch 5.0.5: At last PvP gear was released but, I was only among the few to travel the road to become PvP'ers. Most of the population was interested in the new-found raids. Due to my strong relationships i managed to get weekly cap. I increasingly became more powerful until i left the Horde some months later.

Early Mop, Patch 5.1.0: Goozor returned to the Alliance but, all i saw was the ruins of the once-great Alliance. I also stumbled upon Druidzx and Airhawk but was unable to make direct messages and unable to re-join my old guild. Apparently, Wings of Darkness was tearing apart until eventually Ninjashifter branched off and made the current Bushido which thrives to this day. For Airhawk and his followers however, it was tragic and the guild was torn into nothingness (it no longer exists on our realm besides a level 1 guild.). I can fairly agree that Wings of Darkness, like Rome, would have to end one day. I managed to hold through and became more experienced in the Arena until one day i left and arrived on Darkspear.

Early Mop, On Darkspear: Once I arrived, I heard messages that informed me that Airhawk left the realm as well.. (I can't blame him, a lot of !@#$ happened.) Airhawk, one of the most renowned Death Knights of Drak'thul was ultimately gone. I progressed in RBGS while in my times on Darkspear but this however wasn't enough for the community there was very reliant on gladiators and very un-trusting to foreigners such as I. Eventually i left and became Horde once again on a different realm Tichondrius.

Early Mop, On Tichondrius: To make it short: I came to Tichondrius, hoping it would be good and it turned out for me that it was very similar to Darkspear so i eventually left it and re-joined my old server; Drak'thul.

Early Mop, Reunited with Drak'thul: After I war mongered RBGS in both Tichondrius and Darkspear i arrived at my old server. It was very unlike it was back in patch 5.0.5 and the Black Void has made this server bloom with new sorts of players. Now 1800 - 2200 teams existed and it seemed very likely to me that something had ultimately saved Drak'thul from its Doomsday. I also re-united with an old friend; Buckk. But this reunion only lasted a good three days. I also re-united with Capernikus, Deafh, Sollembum, and more.

Now: Goozor wanders aimlessly today; examining the new lands of Drak'thul and patiently awaiting for 5.2 to see if Drak'thul's fortune lasts.
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I have to say, I absolutely loved reading these. It's nice to see the history of Drak'thul in another person's perspective.
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