I just found...

90 Blood Elf Warlock
... my oldest screenshot ever.


Wee liddle Thelanor, somewhere in my 30s grinding basilisks in STV.

Circa Fall 2006

Post your oldest SS!
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02/25/2013 02:13 PMPosted by Thel

Haha I love how you're staring down a dead basilisk, like "WHAT! Try and freeze me now!"

I didn't even know how to take screenshots until I was level 80 which would be less embarrassing if I hadn't started playing in Classic >_>

But I will look next time I turn on my desktop.
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87 Night Elf Druid
my warlock, back in March 2010 after I had only been playing for a couple weeks.

Im pretty sure I meant to push autorun, but hit print screen instead. :D


and yes, herbalism was keybind to 1.

I was pro.
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90 Gnome Priest
My oldest screenshots were on my old computer. I had copied them to this one after I got it but all those along with other screenshots I had taken were lost when I had to reinstall the game at the start of Cata but forgot to make a copy of the SS folder (all my SS of the Park, Auberdine and other places destroyed in the Shattering - gone. /sigh).

The oldest one I have on this computer would be


That was Dec 2010 and probably a couple of weeks before I race changed to gnome.

But I still have a forum avatar I made from a screenshot of this toon when she was briefly Horde back in Wrath - I recopied it from the forum where I was using it at some point.


The Horde T9 priest set just looks fabulous on Forsaken. I'm always tempted to go back to get it again for my Horde priest.
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90 Undead Warrior
I don't have it on file anymore do to changing comps, as much as I wish I did. But my oldest screenshot ever is Lvl 5 Malles sitting on King Terenas' throne wearing the original Deathknell quest rewards armor and equipped with a Farmer's Broom, circa December 2004.

Edit: Actually, the oldest I have on record is a screenshot I took of Garrosh Hellscream before Cata hit but right when he got his new character model. It actually got Screenshot of the Day that week and if you dig around on the site enough you'll find it (submitted under Nawibo).

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90 Pandaren Monk
I am gonna be reviving my old desktop in the next couple of days, And I will then Load my oldest Screenshot of a EN realm.... as I no longer have my old laptop from when I was over seas, no one will get to see Vanilla Hooch on the Russian server. v.v
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Comrade Rantipole. You're going to have to tell me about these oversea travels some time
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90 Pandaren Monk
02/26/2013 07:02 AMPosted by Thel
Comrade Rantipole. You're going to have to tell me about these oversea travels some time

You ever See Eurotrip?

Nothing like that.

We'll talk sometime. ~.^
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