Weapon question. Please read.

100 Pandaren Monk
I have the Gao-rei, staff of the Legendary Protector currently equipped with the 500 agil gem plus another 160 agil gem with dancing steel. I am a windwalker monk pulling around 83k dps over 3 minutes on a practice dummy. I just got my 2nd gara'kal, fist of the spiritbinder. I put on the fists and pull around 73k dps on the dummy over 3 minutes without any enchants and 3% under expertise cap. All of the above mentioned weapons are from LFR.

My question is this. If I enchant both the fist weapons with dancing steel and get expertise capped. Will that make up and exceed a 10k dps difference? I don't want to waste 20 sha crystals if it ends up not being as effective.

Thanks for any help,
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90 Worgen Rogue
I'd keep your sha touched staff. Even though I think Windwalkers best is dual wielding, with 5.2 being really, "Soon," probably better off saving the gold and materials for weapons that come out in the 5.2 LFR.

If you end up getting Claws from HoF, then you'll probably want two fists but then you're stuck buying another gem.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Don't use two dummy tests as an accurate test of your DPS potential in either gear set. There are too many variables that could have come into play in either situation: High/low crit rng, number of mastery procs, the possibility of debuffs on the dummies, damage RNG, etc. Those 83 and 73k numbers are useless for anything other than giving you the roughest idea of the sort of DPS you could be doing with an incredibly high margin for variation.

As for the weapons, though DW > 2Hand at equivalent iLevels, your fully upgraded fists will still be a lower iLevel than your staff and will be missing out on a 500agi legendary gem. I can't see the fists overtaking Gao-rei, but you could sim to make sure.
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100 Pandaren Monk
Thanks for the information. I will probably just stick with the 2h staff for now and wait on 5.2
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97 Worgen Rogue
I have a similar question which is better 483 spirit server sha touched with 500 agi gem or 502 meagera poison fang dagger? If meagera poison fang is better what about a 496 spirit server?
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