What are the worst things to do as a tank?

90 Night Elf Monk
I'm leveling a Tank through dungeons (Protection Warrior) to get a feel for tanking, being I really like the concept though I figure I need to get used to the mechanics. While I've seen a lot of advice as to what to do as a tank, I haven't quite seen as much articulation concerning what not to do, those being common mistakes tanks, or specifically warrior tanks, make as they do group content. If there is anything I shouldn't do that I should also correct to something else, please do mention it.

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100 Human Paladin
Dont Que for LFD.

Find people on your server and run with them do not use LFD you'll jsut get anoyed and griefed to the point that you wont want to anymore.
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90 Draenei Warrior
You can queue for LFD, but you have to have seriously thick skin at this point

A mistake you can make is not getting ThreatPlates or tab targetting.

Always use Thunder Clap.
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90 Human Paladin
Dont Que for LFD.

Find people on your server and run with them do not use LFD you'll jsut get anoyed and griefed to the point that you wont want to anymore.

If you outgear the content, LFD can actually be pretty fun. Are you leveling this warrior in protection heirlooms or just garden-variety quest gear?

Also, if you have thick skin, LFD is a good training tool for responding to unpredictable situations and making the best of a chaotic situation.
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90 Troll Druid
Run LFD with a few friends if you can. That way their vote out-weighs the pugs'.
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100 Human Paladin
Biggest mistake a first time/learning tank can make, in my opinion, is to lose their confidence after a bad run or two and give up. Practice, study and experience are key, but so is not letting the bad moments get to you too much.
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100 Human Paladin
02/28/2013 04:44 PMPosted by Lesaberisa
Biggest mistake a first time/learning tank can make, in my opinion, is to lose their confidence after a bad run or two and give up. Practice, study and experience are key, but so is not letting the bad moments get to you too much.

you know... reading through this thread i can say that this one is oddly the one i'll put my nod to the most.

Just starting out you have to accept that you WON'T be good at it at first. You WILL screw up. You WILL wipe groups. And many times it WILL be your fault.

The point is to let those slide and learn from it all. How fast you learn is up to you individually but if you can just power through those awkward first stages it eventually becomes second nature and you start getting to the point when tanking comes down to almost just muscle memory. At that point you expand your situational awareness, start watching all the procs, bars, flashy things etc. (since the basics of tanking is automatic to you now) and suddenly progress from "decent tank" to "good tank".

But it'll take a minute to get there.

So yea: TL;DR: make sure you get a thick skin and can let mistakes slide. Just learn from them and you will be a monster sooner than you expect :)
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100 Blood Elf Warrior
Think of yourself as a massive brick wall that no one can destroy, think of yourself as the groups shield and armour and you are impossible to kill ( with good heals that is:D). kinda like the Sha of Fear fight. thats what always brings me back to tanking.
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100 Orc Warrior
Things you shouldn't do...

Don't leave your healer out to dry. Keep an eye on his mana. If its low, ask if he needs to drink. If a 2nd group gets accidentally pulled and some go for the healer nd others for dps. You save the healer.

And do get thick skin. People in game are sometimes jerks. Sometimes you will mess up and people get all bent outta shape, but it's just a game
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100 Pandaren Monk
Don't be afraid to start towards the next group of mobs before the current pack is all down.

On my leveling prot warrior I've found the following (a) healers generally have way too much regen so you can pull pretty much as much as you want without any danger (b) warriors function best if they do the pull themselves because long CDs on aoe abilities means you need to plan them out to make sure you hit every mob in the pack (c) dps are impatient and monks have roll... you must not let the DPS get ahead of you.

In order to make sure you have all aggro on all pulls, it is essential to start towards the next pack when there are about two mobs or so left in the current pack. Don't forget to use Heroic Throw and LoS to bunch the next pack up nicely.
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90 Orc Warrior
1) Don't rage. You won't gain anything from it, so don't bother. If you're in a situation that makes you feel like raging, just drop group. You'll be in a new run before you can snap your fingers.

2) Don't expect to get your gear. The game has changed, and everybody who can roll on your tanking gear is going to do so. Don't get mad at them, because it's not worth it. Say you lose out on a great tanking helmet at level 45. You'll be level 50 by the time you finish explaining what tank gear is. Just move on.

3) Use all your cooldowns all the time. Low level tanking, sadly, doesn't do anything to prepare you for end game tanking. You could probably tank level 10 to 90 using a maximum of 4 buttons. Don't fall into that trap. Use all your survival cooldowns, whether you need them or not, just to build muscle memory and test your setup. (I've actually had healers rage at me and drop group, because I was healing myself too often, and they had nothing to do).
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100 Worgen Druid
1) Don't be scared of LFD. LFD can make you or break you. I learned entirely from this forum and LFD. I didn't have a choice - the friend who talked me into trying WoW quit weeks after I started. You'll take some punches but pick yourself back up and you'll be a better tank for it.

2) Don't be a @!##*@#@ - self explanatory - really bugs me when I'm running on my mage to see tanks occasionally trying to throw their weight around.

3) Don't be an !@#-tank: if you're getting hit in the $%^ by mobs then you're an -*!-tank. You lose most of your defense when they hit you from behind.

4) Don't rush - go at your own pace. If dps wants to rush just tell them they can go as fast as they want as long as the healer's willing to keep them up. Unfortunately, in most dungeons healers can keep up a dps tanking. Just keep aggro off the healer.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Don't get pissed. Queue all you want. If you suck just let them know you're new. They're behind a computer screen. It doesn't matter. You learn from criticism. If you stay calm and accepting, you should be okay.

And ignore the dicks.
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90 Human Death Knight
Have fun! It's a game :) Get revenge now and then if your in the mood, but try to be nice. Most peeps in LFD are sheep that will follow your lead. Lead, but when you do screw up, admit it, and learn!

Don't just let hunter pets that have threat on die, spit on their lifeless bodies! Hehe actually at that level, just macro a few instructions, one that informs a hunter about pet threat, they might not know it exists.
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96 Night Elf Warrior
Worst things to do as a tank:

1) Lose aggro.
2) Die.

Uhm, besides that, not learning. Every time you do something, ask yourself why. Try to be consistent in pulls/positioning/etc, learn that if something doesn't work to avoid it, and if it hurts, don't stand in it.

Oh! Also, don't ever lose control of your run. If you have a bunch of people wanting to try something, like an achievement? That's ok. If you have someone yelling at you to do something their way because they're lazy or just being meanies(trying to avoid the language filter here...), ignore them. You control the pacing.
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90 Tauren Druid
1) The healer is your BFF. If a pull is going bad, keep the healer alive.

2) Understand threat mechanics (at least the basics) so you know how to hold aggro, or can at least try, when the DPS want to AoE every mob within 100 miles.

3) In LFD, don't get upset if a DPS wants to just chain pull everything. If the group overgears the instance, switch to DPS and go nuts. Or if the DPS is being an idiot, just make sure the rest of the group stays alive.

4) And as many people have said, don't get discouraged if you mess up or if you have someone in the group berating you. People are jerks and its a game. Plus as a tank, you get pretty much insta-queues so you'll be able to get into another run quickly.

5) Have FUN!
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100 Night Elf Druid
Worst things a tank can do (not necessarily in order):

1. Not being in the right spec or stance. Exactly what this means depends on class; as a Warrior it means having your Protection spec active and being in Defensive Stance.

2. Completely inappropriate gear. For a Warrior you want plate (mail before level 40), a one-handed weapon, a shield (this is important), and as much strength and stamina as you can get. You don't really have to sweat secondary stats until endgame content. Before Cata you may have some tradeoffs between strength and stamina, but either is probably fine as long as you're not loading up on intellect and spirit. Agility is not completely useless, but for a Warrior it's not as good as strength and stamina. There are classes designed to tank with Agility and you're not one of them. There are classes designed to tank without shields and you're not one of them either.

3. Going AFK in the middle of the run. Unless there's a genuine RL emergency you shouldn't do this because the rest of the group relies on you to survive and finish the instance. So they can't just keep going while they wait for you to get back.

4. Pulling when the healer is OOM. If you're not sure if they're ready, ask. Healers shouldn't go AFK for the same reason you shouldn't, but if they do, then you have to stop and wait for them. (See how annoying that is? Then don't do it to the other 4.)

5. Pulling too many mobs at once. How many is too many depends on you and your healer, but if you're not sure, pull as few as you can, and when those are dead or almost dead, *then* check your healer's mana and pull some more if it's OK. AOE is nice, but it's better to kill slow than die fast. You will probably encounter people who want you to pull faster. If it's a DPS who says this, ignore them and use your own judgment. You're responsible for the life of the group and they're not. If it's the healer who says this, they are letting you know that they think you can handle more at once/less waiting between pulls, which is probably fine, but still increase the size of your pulls gradually, not whole rooms at once.

6. Ignoring mobs beating up the healer. A lot of times if DPS pull threat it's their own fault (you may sometimes be able to save them anyway), but if a healer has threat, you need to do something about it. Most (I think all) tanks have at least one ability that (usually) forces a specific mob to stop what it's doing and attack you; these are called taunts. Keybind it and use it when you need it. (If it's a mob that can attack at range, it may just stay where it is and start attacking you at range. Still better you than the healer.)

7. Not using your active mitigation abilities. Most tanks have some "do more damage" buttons and some "take less damage" buttons that compete for resources. In a group you should almost always be using the "take less damage" buttons with pretty much all your resources. It's not your job to kill things, there are 3 other people for that. It's your job to keep their attention while taking as little damage as possible so that the healer doesn't run out of mana before the DPS can kill the enemies. Tanks CAN do some damage, especially well geared ones, but you really shouldn't focus on it, especially when you're still learning tanking.

8. Standing in fire. This varies depending on the specific thing you're fighting, but some enemies put fire, poison, etc. on the ground and then it damages anyone who stands in it. So don't stand in it. (If you leveled up after Cata, you probably noticed mobs that did this kind of thing while you were leveling up, but it didn't really hurt that much if you just kill it and then move. In max-level content, you need to move NOW, not after you kill the mob.)

This looks like a long list, but some of the items are really pretty basic and you'll get used to the rest with experience.
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