Rotten Luck, Looking for Casual Raiders

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Rotten Luck is a family friendly, RP friendly, level 25 Horde guild that has been around since the beginning of World of Warcraft. After making our start on Silver Hand we moved to The Scryers in 2007 and have been a quiet yet consistent presence firmly grounded in the community ever since.

At our core we promote the values of Respect, Diversity, and Family:


We expect the highest level of respect among guildmates. Because we all have different levels of enjoyment in the various facets of WoW, it's important that everyone is tolerant and supportive. We do not tolerate abuse of any kind and strive to be a drama-free guild.

Rotten Luck has been an upstanding part of The Scryers for more than 5 years. When you put on the shamrock you are publicly representing the guild and we expect the same level of conduct with the community as a whole.


Our members come from all walks of life, age groups, and interests. Because of this diversity we choose not to label our guild under one simple category, but instead welcome players from all aspects of the game.

Whether you like Raiding, PVP, RP, Dungeons, or just hanging out with a great group of people, you're sure to find a fit within our ranks.


We believe a guild is a family. While we have several instances of real life friends and family within our ranks, we have even more members who have forged lasting bonds with guildmates.

Like a family, we may not always agree on every point, but Rottens will always have each other's backs.


Rotten Luck is looking for new members who compliment our core values and may be interested in a casual raiding environment. We currently have a 10 man (normal) team running once a week and we are looking for new members that would be willing to fill out the ranks of a second team. A third team is a possibility if we have enough interest.

While we have several veteran raiders and cleared all normal 10 man content when it was relevant in Cataclysm, we are looking for players who consider themselves casual due to time constraints or other enjoyments in game. Raids would be scheduled one day a week for approximately 2-3 hours depending on what the team as a whole chooses. Though we take a fairly laid-back approach to raiding, we expect members to respect their team and come prepared on raid days with proper gems, enchants, and a working knowledge of their class and the role they've signed up to fill. Our guild is full of helpful members who can assist you in gearing up, cutting gems, getting enchants/flasks/food, and even class mentoring if you need it.

The times for other teams have not been decided and will be based on when the majority of team members will be available. Many members interested in raiding are available between 5pm and 6pm Server to start, generally on Weekend nights (Sat-Sun) and the occasional weeknight.

We run a Guild LFR every Tuesday night at 6pm Server which rotates to different locations each week.

We are not averse to the possibility of a guild alliance for raiding. If you are an officer in a guild that may be interested in an alliance, please contact me or one of our other guild officers. Please note that due to the conflict in lockouts, 25 man raiding likely isn't on our agenda just yet.

If this interests you and our guild seems like an overall fit, fill out an application today!

Our Website:

Our Code of Conduct:

Prospective Applicants Should Read This Thread Before Registering:

If you have any questions, please contact me on any of these characters:


If I'm not online, I can easily be contacted through PM on our website.
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This is truly a great guild and a great group of people.
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The Rottens, a Scryers Classic
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I remember Mamadee and the crafting fairs held by Rotten back in BC and LK.

Good times.
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We had a Craft Fair in Cata too! And this past fall we had a Farmer's Market!

Mamadee is still with us ^_^
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We've just rebuilt our Saturday team, and are still on the lookout for folks who are interested in helping fill out a secondary team.
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As a new member I can vouch that they are pretty dreamy *finishes pinning fan-girl poster to wall*

Yes a lot of members share some lengthy wow history but they are a gem of a guild and make newcomers feel a part of the family fast.

I'm not a raider but they make it look effortless, always being on time, organised, never narky at each other. The best bit is how they patch up their scrapes and cuts and are happy to do it all again next week *thinks they're mad*.

So if you are wanting to raid but also want to be in a supportive environment definitely drop alt-a-holic Milia a /pst for more info.
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Milia, what do you all need for the second run? You'll be seeing me around since I go way back with Mamadee. In fact I've been meaning to log in at your forums and chat with everyone.
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Hey Arterion!

Our second run is currently empty as the folks who were interested got eaten by the Real Life monster too. If you are interested in being a possible backup for our Saturday team, we could use a healer or DPS. You can shoot me a PM on our forums, or try to find me in game, though this week I'll be a bit busy with work.
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