Is it wrong to.... ?

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02/25/2013 05:12 AMPosted by Blaeh
Please be aware that I am posting on an alt )

First I wanted to mention that posting on an alt does not prevent people from seeing your main so easily. There is a simple addon that lets others see your main, which I assume is the lock or perhaps the monk?

Just sharing the info as alot of people do not realize this.

Anyways back on topic... I pretty much agree with many others. Ofcourse you can set up the rules however you wish. I would most definitely be honest and upfront with those rules. people may troll you but it is still your choice and their choice if they wish to run with those rules or not.

Personally I feel that if I do not have enough people on my own to run something and need pugs then without them there would be no run at all. They helped kill the boss and should deserve equal chances.

Though generally with current raids and if I just need 1 pug I would set it that guildies get MS first. But once you get several pugs in then I just do not think it is fair anymore. That is about time to start recruiting lol

For old school and transmog runs, I think it would be ok to set an item or two on reserve and be upfront with it. But I can't imagine people even wanting to run unless maybe it was the very last raids and were going for heroics/achievements. The older stuff no way.

I say be open and let everyone roll. If you need spots filled these people are going to see how your guild runs and either get a very good impression or a bad one. Those who get a good one may join and then you won't need pugs anymore.

One last thing to note is that it can also promote loot drama within the guild. I would much rather have laid back people who are less selfish then people who can only think of themselves and feel entitled. This is just waiting for drama down the line when you are on current raid and two people both want the same drop.... yuck.
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02/27/2013 12:45 PMPosted by Sinthndria
if you go reserving everything, not many people on the server will want to join you or be too happy with it, as I think most people I know only really want to do old school runs, for things that they have missed out on, such as mogs, legendary quests or whatever.

If people see they can reserve items that they want the will be more inclined to go. It is common practice to reserve items. Just be prepared for the run to take a lil longer to get put together
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On Nagrand, yes lol. I rarely see it on any of the other servers I play on. It's a bit greedy really. I can be greedy, but NEVER greedy when it comes to loot. But that's just me.
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Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their advice... Regarding the add on... I was not aware of it but it's good info.

I always get good advice here. If my guild was a large one, I would be more concerned with drama but we are not, it's just as small group with a few alts each. Of course I expect drama from server and trolls, but I like to be upfront with folks and sometimes I may be too blunt and rub folks the wrong way..
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