Guild Raid completion-progression API?

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Hi, I was wandering if there is API or some alternative way to retrieve Guilds Raid progress-completion status?
I checked WOW API on github and I found Personal Raid progression but not Guilds.
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there is no such "guild" api basiclu what other sited do is cache the feeds from all members and see if raid boss kills match X amout of members at the same time and then its counted as a "guild" kill
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This is something I only just thought of, so have not taken any time to research it as a viable solution:

I suppose you could use the Guild Achievement API, looking up the achievement ID for a given raid instance (Guild Mogu'shan Vaults for example) then lining up the completed criterias.

Just a thought. It would certainly be easier than doing the scan everyone in guild/raid to check, which is what I'm currently using but it is somewhat in accurate.
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Giving a bit more thought on the subjects, I realized there is a problem with using the achievement criteria method of tracking progression: It's not automated. Whenever a new raid comes out we'll have to scour achievements for the ids related to a given raid instance/difficulty and tracking of heroic progression is a bit difficult as the heroic achievements differ for every boss.

So we should be back to tracking either a player who never misses a raid or a group of players.

For a time I was taking everyone from a raiding group, and if 8 of them had a boss kill it was considered a "guild run" and registers on my site as guild progression. This method only becomes an issue if you have officers and the GM in on the kill as they aren't part of that raiding group. If your guild's group structure is GM > Officers > Raiders, since the group ids are zero-indexed, then you could have your script pull any member who's group is less than the raiding group ( $group < 3 ). When you start having trials or alts in on runs it starts messing with your progression, but you come up with a method that suits your needs.

The second problem with what I call the "group" method is if your guild falls apart, you'll want to fall back on the single player method or some other sort of "permanent" tracking, so that your guild's progress isn't negated simply because everyone who made kills is no longer in the guild.
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