Monks, Mana, and You

90 Pandaren Monk
Hello fellow Monks and healers alike!

I've got a question for all of you:

Do you find yourself quickly going OOM on some fights as a Mistweaver? I rarely do any Fistweaving during raids...I do it all the time when I quest, but not raids. I'll toss a Crane Kick in there now and again, but it just seems like we're very dependent on Mana Tea.

I don't mind that at all, I'm just wondering if maybe I'm doing something wrong and others have had mana problems and overcome them.


(By the way, in my raid I'm a tank healer, so I'll typically just have Soothing Mist channelling on the tank (unless they're full on health) and hitting Enveloping Mist whenever I can. I keep Xuen on cool down, along with the green bubble. I'll Uplift as needed, and hit the Revive (that's the one that heals everyone for quite a bit, right?) whenever it's needed.)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
You're supposed to be dependent on Mana Tea. And, my monk primarily Fistweaves at the moment, and I rarely find myself hurting for mana. However, that's probably going to change next patch.
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100 Human Monk
We do rely on mana tea. Which means we also rely somewhat on crit, of which yours is low. Reforge your mastery into something more useful. Haste to 3145 (I believe) while in tiger stance is a good start. Any leftover mastery, dump it into crit. At your item level you can only get so far though with how limited the secondary stats on your gear will be.

If you're going OOM doing what you said you're doing, then it sounds like you're probably also using surging mist. Try to avoid that. If you need quick burst healing on the tank, use healing spheres. You'll lose out on the 1 chi you'd generate with surging, which is worth just a little over 1% mana, but surging is also 4x as expensive and the healing is comparable.

You'll probably want to use the mana tea glyph to save a few GCDs, and make sure you hit it basically everytime you have 2+ stacks. Also, gem/enchant your gear. Level your professions. You're missing 7 enchants, 4 sockets and a belt buckle. That's a ton of lost stats.
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85 Night Elf Druid
02/23/2013 01:33 PMPosted by Joodoo
it just seems like we're very dependent on Mana Tea.

Mana tea is nothing more than a cost reduction for your Chi generators.
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I don't really ever go OOM and I also rarely fistweave. It'll get better as you gear up. I agree that you need to glyph mana tea and use it often, if you rarely use it (which I'm not saying you do) then you're probably going to have some mana problems.

Also, I think SCK costs too much mana and I try to avoid it. If you need some AoE heals, have you tried out Chi Torpedo? And don't forget about Expel Harm if you need that extra chi fast. Another thing that helped me was switching to Power Strikes instead of the other 45 talents, since it works with Soothing Mist.

Really though, glyph Mana Tea and and use it whenever you have at least 2 stacks, then come back and let us know if that helps.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Soothing mists is terrible hpm. It's only redeeming factor is Chi generation.

Only use SM to apply EM, and continue SM until EM expires. Learn Healing Sphere and use it as your primary tank healing spell. Cast ReM on CD on one of the tanks, I usually cycle back and forth between them. Expel Harm is also cheapish Chi, bind that to a mouse button or something nearby so you can pop it frequently.

Don't be afraid to life cocoon frequently. Don't save it for emergencies, use it proactively when you can anticipate incoming damage.

The fight I'm imagining is Will of the Emperor. Very tough MW fight. It will definitely give you the opportunity to tune in your tank healing.

Jade Serpent enchant on your weapon will help.

As was said above, glyph Mana Tea and use it on CD once your mana gets below 80%.

Good luck!
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90 Pandaren Monk
Yes and drink often (as long as you don't go over 100% mana on return). This way when the crap hits the fan you're still topped up and ready to respond :)
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90 Pandaren Monk
All the basic stuff about gemming and enchanting, yaddah, yaddah.

Soothing mists is terrible hpm. It's only redeeming factor is Chi generation.

This is misleading. On its own, Soothing Mist is on par with Healing Spheres for HPM (~6 for SM, ~9 for Spheres). However, if you are using Soothing as your primary Chi generator and use Enveloping Mists, your HPM goes up drastically (to the tune of around 22 HPM). That Chi can also be spent on Uplift, and such a combo also gives a high HPM.

It is true that Soothing Mist's Chi generation is its primary factor (and that will become more true in 5.2). However, Soothing-->EM actually has fantastic HPM and should be your primary source of ST healing. You can use Healing Spheres if you like, just don't come crying to me when you have no Chi to Uplift or EM with.

Glyph Mana Tea and use it on CD. Don't waste any Chi (one Chi point is worth 1% mana, roughly). Cast Renewing Mists on CD, and try only to use the Chi you get from Renewing Mists and your level 45 talents (I recommend Chi Brew even though it is slightly lower in overall Chi generation, its great for controlled bursting, a relative weakness of the spec). Remember, you don't care if raiders are topped off, you only care if they aren't going to die. Don't try to be a meter hero, just be efficient as possible with your Chi and meters will take care of themselves. That means don't go hog wild trying to generate extra Chi for Uplift unless you REALLY, REALLY need it!
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90 Pandaren Monk
You glyph Mana Tea???
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100 Pandaren Monk
Glyphed mana tea, drink always. If have 10k spirit, then u can use RM and EH with no mana cost. Then ur mana is mainly spent on jab, survival, soothing and surging mist.
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100 Pandaren Monk
ReM and EH on CD. Pool chi before burst (in 5mans dont be afraid to use your CD's on trash, they're often harder for MW to react to/catch up in than on bosses).

MW by far benefit the most from knowing a fight because of ability to pool chi and utilize TFT optimally. As well, using PS/ascension/chi brew often (only really applicable if you use CB, which is optimal in my opinion, but more work) will help you not go oom.

Don't heal unless someone needs healed. Even if you're "fistweaving", only use TP/BK when someone actually needs healing. I've met my share who used it like a DPS class and just spammed it without the ability to sustain it. [To be fair, I spam it in heroics, but my gear allows it.]
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