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90 Orc Hunter
Muncen as GM of Failure Quest stating its not my concern when your members throw profanities
at me is rather black and white... as it stands your members talked trash and profanities to me and my guild therefor it is our concern learn to handle guild to guild interaction... you hide like a child and now i know what to expect from you guys..... You mass invite members have less than 100 lvl 90's in your guild...... You talk !@#$ cant back it..... And the GM Muncen is too Amazing to deal with drama that his guild throws out im sorry that you are all terrible at the game and haven't seen what a real guild looks like i truly am may yours prosper to a level of maturity someday.
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Your wasting your time with champion quest they are kinda like the special olympics of the server. Dont matter how many SS you put up they will deny it is them don't waste your time with them they are from a rather shallow gene pool.
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90 Undead Rogue
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90 Human Warlock
Ok, how about we all calm down, lets get this settled once and for all.

Theldore and his (guild ?) did something that (offended ?) you, so you want a 1v1, then after winning you are ganked by two dks, then you 1v1 again and are then jumped by 3 allys, then you come onto our forums and expect us to agree with you. There is your problem, while I personally agree that it was unfair I believe there was no need for you to come on here and bash all alliance on this server, and in doing that you might have made many enemies on this server, maybe not, but all well.

So all in all I am split down the middle about who is in the right. I am on your side because they did not fight fair and "Cheated" but then I am also against you because you felt like you had to bring it to the forums.
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9 Human Warrior
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78 Human Paladin
I was there and i seen night drop like a Hot potato and I was at the battle in out lands when one C,Q hunter killed Crituhard and there goons so u bring your crap to the forum because that's all u have left LOL
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