[A] Clockwerk is recruiting casual RPers!

90 Night Elf Druid
Hello, Sisters of Elune Alliance! Clockwerk is looking for new blood!

We are a level 22 RP guild with a fun, mature, and accepting atmosphere. Our guild is considered OOC, which basically means that we're a bunch of RPers, but there's no automatic IC reason why all of our characters know each other (we'll have to meet -- which can be way fun!), and our guild chat is OOC. We are dedicated to "being the RP we want to see in the world" -- being lore-friendly and enjoying being IC even when there aren't events. We love to have events and IC dungeon runs, and we've had some really fun leveling groups in the past (like a group of gnomes and dwarves, or a "failgroup" that never equipped anything but greys).

During the pre-Mists lull, we lost a lot of our members, and many haven't come back. We want to build Clockwerk up to what it used to be -- a great atmosphere full of awesome people who like to have fun. We'll take our cues from you -- what do you want to do? IC old raids? Heroic runs? Battlegrounds? Lowbie groups? Fishing trips? We'll pretty much try anything, as long as it's done in the spirit of our guild.

If you think you might like a guild that'll nurture your RP without pigeon-holing you into a specific story, if you're new to RP and want a place to learn, or if you'd really like a group of mature (but fun!) people to hang with as you level or do dailies, give us a try!

Talk to Ethry/Neruune/Fenxiu or Axelpyre/Grommet (our esteemed leader) in game, send us an in-game mail, or check out our website at clockwerk.guildomatic.com. The website's a little rusty right now, but we'll soon restore it to its former glory!
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Awesome! I hope you guys at <Clockwerk> really make something happen. I'm rooting for you!
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Hurray! Cheers for <Clockwerk>!

I'm glad you guys are rebooting. Best of luck to you!
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