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90 Orc Warrior
I'm thinking about leveling some alts here as something to do on evenings I don't raid. How is the economy on the Alliance side of the fence? Is it more of a buyers or a sellers market? Since this will be an alt server, I'm less concerned with server progression and more interested if there are people buying and selling stuff on the AH.

Thanks in advance!
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I just transferred one character off this server for progression, though I do have my alts here as well. The AH definitely caters to sellers, as is customary for a low-population server. However, the prices do fluctuate quite a bit depending on supply. On the high-population Arthas, where I have some alts, the prices seem to be pretty static by comparison. Whereas mats cost about the same (I just checked, and both servers sell 20 Frostweave at 60g), stuff like gems and enchants differ greatly. On Tanaris, the PvP resilience gem is right now 200+g and on Arthas it's dirt cheap and is always dirt cheap.

The server I'm on at the moment, Madoran, seems like absolute bliss for sellers. Flasks of the earth are tough to grab under 120g, and my first week here +320 haste gems couldn't be found for less than 250g. Dancing Steel's a whole 1k more than what you'll find on Tanaris or Arthas (and it's cheaper on Tanaris in general).

I don't know if this helped you or not - just some impressions of the Tanaris AH from a casual buyer and seller.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
We have horde on this server?
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90 Orc Warrior
Thanks for the feedback thus far, I was more expecting "This server is deadlololol" or "GTFO". I appreciate you taking the time to respond Trystero.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
02/24/2013 03:36 PMPosted by Dakhath
"This server is deadlololol"
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