Hi there Sentinels! Just putting the word out that Forces of Nature is accepting new members.

We've been a casual, private husband/wife guild for a while and are now accepting other casual adult players.

Being in our 40's we feel that we've had our time with kids in the real world and don't really want to spend our down-time with other people's kids in WoW. (sorry, kids)

We also don't cater to drama queens (or kings). If you've watched too much 'reality TV' and think people are really supposed to act that way...well good luck to you.

We're not a raid guild, though I do enjoy running 5's and will be doing LFD. We're casual players and don't live to play WoW.

If you're an older, casual player and just want a comfy place to hang your hat in game, give anyone in the guild an in-game whisper.