Need help finalising my choice

32 Tauren Shaman
to begin i'm not looking for the strongest or FOTM healer. I only want to be competitive and from what ive read healers seem to be to some respect balanced. What i'm looking for is the easiest healer to manage. this is a little vague so i will tell you what i'm worried about on each healer.As for what i like it's raid healing and battlegrounds. I like to play a more defensive style healer. I've leveled all healers to around lvl 25 and i really enjoy the druid and shaman the most. Shaman i feel more comfortable healing with and druid i enjoy the style a lot more.

things i think i'll have trouble with:

I am bad at anticipating damage( so i ruled out disc)
i do not like offensive healing ( so i ruled out monk and atonement)
I cannot manage 2 source of power ( paladin definitely out )

Shaman i go into panic mode however when there is sustained aoe damage i never know what to do when 3 or 4 people are getting attacked and i spam healing surge. i do however like that they are reaction style healers that heal big sniping people. Also there are so many totems and cooldowns i have trouble keeping up

Druid i like alot because i feel i don't watch the bars as much , and having an easy cc like cyclone really helps me. What i fear is that i have to change forms like bear when im being trained and that i cant keep people alive if there getting bursted what so ever.

Moves like mushroom bloom, swifmend and healing rain or any heals you dont place on the player himself (e.g on the floor) feel clunky to me

Really to some it up i wanted to know which healer out of the two has less to keep track off and preforms well in raid and battleground healing
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32 Tauren Shaman
One other thing i forgot to mention was i like ( low lvl experience only) how i can thorw a bunch of hots on someone and run off to another fight with the druid , is this still viable in high lvl battlegrounds?
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32 Tauren Shaman
also if i'm not getting help from allies which healer can survive better under pressure. pre-rolled hots vs - big heal to bring me back up. how often to you get stunned without getting a heal off
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