Threat plates, in raids

90 Orc Warrior
So Im using threat plates, so It can beef up the size of an enemy's health bar and name if I dont have agro on it and increase the transparency and decrease the size of the health bar

that works great in heroic dungeons etc but now i am doing LFR and when there are 2 tanks it gets a little confusing with , is the boss attaking a DPS or attacking the other tank?

is there anything i can do to change this ? and also are there any good and useful macros for tanking as a warrior anyone would like to share with me.

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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Tidyplates : Threat Plates doesn't go red when another tank is holding aggro. It will treat you both as correct aggro targets.
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90 Human Death Knight
Personnaly i use ElvUi, it's a complete new ui but you have everything in one.
And if you set your character as a tank, it's pretty much the same as tidyplates.
It takes a long time to set but at the end i think it's worth it.
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1 Tauren Shaman
Invest in a good unitframe addon that shows target of target. The default UI does this also if you really want to go addon-less (but won't show debuffs on target of target, which is good for tank swaps). Almost every unitframe addon (at least, EVERY popular one) has this functionality.

Also, I don't use Threatplates for threat on raid bosses, I use Omen. Threatplates is more or less useless on singular raid bosses; they are still helpful for adds in a fight or whatnot though.
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90 Human Warrior
Kanga can I ask what UI you use, I had ElvUi, but had to let it go had a lot of errors and it didnt play with inline aura
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1 Tauren Shaman
Uh, well, I am not the best person to ask for addons since I haven't meddled with my UI in years but at the moment I use perl classic unitframes, a version of Xperl. Other than xperl (which I found to be buggy during Wrath/early Cata, when I stopped using it), there's also pitbull which is frequently recommended and super customizable. This is specifically for unitframes only.

And again, the default Blizz UI shows target of target, which is what you want to show up.
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100 Pandaren Monk
tbh I check people that have aggro via the unitframes. If there's a red frame around it, he has aggro.

Healthbars on top of the bosses can cause small issues because some bosses are gigantic and you can't even see their healthbars unless you put your camera in a very odd angle.

Threat plates is usefull for trash and such. But bosses, I mean, it's one target. It's usually fairly obvious who they are attacking.
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