Brewmaster trash pulls

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I'm in the early stages of leveling this baby Brewmaster and its been a blast. At this point I'm really over-geared for the content so I don't pay very much for the stupid things that I do. My goal right now is to learn to play the class from the ground up.

The one thing I can't figure out yet is how to pull a trash pack cleanly. On my bear or my warrior, I have charge/stun mechanics. I just target the mob I hate most, hit my button and BAM, I'm right where I need to be - in the middle of the pack where I can hit everything. I don't really have that with the BM. I have clash, but that separates the pack that I'm trying to keep together. I've taken to rolling in and then dropping a KS, but it seems like there should be a better way.

Don't get me wrong, DH is a ridiculously useful way to generate AOE threat. Where I want a ranged/LOS pull it's even more than I need. I just don't want to be dropping it on a pack and having all the mdps mobs run at me and all the rdps mops stay where they are - mocking me with their frostbolts. I'm fat, drunk and lazy. now I have to drag myself over to the casters and try to put the pack back together.

Is there a 'standard' way to pull with the BM, I've checked several guides and haven't found a clear answer.

This is my first forum post. I'm posting here because I've been impressed with the tone and the attitude here.
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First advice: Don't treat Clash as charge, treat it as Death Grip (ie, the DK move that pulls mobs to you). Personally, I just find it to be generally a bit meh overall anyway.

Secondly, I usually just kinda roll into the middle of a group if I want to pseudo-Charge.
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Roll in and keg them in the face. That's about it.

Alternatively, if the group is more or less spread apart, Clash the farthest mob. That tends to stun the whole group.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Couple of ways to do it.

You have the ways mentioned.

Another is to Drunken Haze the pack, THEN roll into them and KS.

Why do that? Well, you don't always have cooperative DPS with you. So, while YOU may know to focus on the caster, not everyone will, or they may start blasting with aoe's or cleaves. At least you can get their attention while you're rolling in.

It's frustrating when you're rolling in and you see the chain lightning pass you...

Don't always have to do it that way, but it gives you another way to do it...
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90 Night Elf Warrior
There's nothing wrong with using roll as a charge, I'm sort of confused why that's an issue. Usually I DH the melee and roll to the caster if they're a bit spread apart.
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1 Tauren Shaman
If the target is Clashable, Clash the one in the very back. That way, it'll keep all the mobs in a pull together.

Otherwise there is nothing wrong with Roll->KS to open a pull, and it's what you should be doing most of the time.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Thanks to all who replied, I'll use DH and Clash all the better for it.

And I'll keep rolling and kegging. But now I'll do it with confidence.
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90 Worgen Hunter
>Tell your DPS not to touch the trash until you have it rounded up.
>Run around keg tossing until you've got 20-30 mobs chasing you.
>AOE them down on top of the boss
>Repeat until dungeon is cleared

The above strategy works from level 15 to about halfway through Cata.
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