17 Dwarf Hunter
I tanked some heroics (or tried to at least) on my dk with a mixture of 463/450 gear and a 471 weapon. In other words his gear is junk.

First boss fury warrior did 150k+ I taunted on cd 2 times until I built up vengeance enough to to out threat him. Ok I figure hes not quite so used to lesser geared tanks. Well the whole run he was opening hard and pulling like crazy until the heals had some... words with him. The he tried to initiate a vote kick on me. (i lol'd on that for a few)

Next dungeon hunter and warlock with pets threating, sigh w/e lol. Basically I'm ready to get this run over with so I pull they kill and I pull more trash before the last of the other dies. Then the hunter md's a pull to me while a dps warrior heroic leaps into another group and runs them back to my DnD.

Next dungeon was awesome! Great group!

Next dungeon 2 hunters and a warlock.. 3 pets threating.. /leave

Take a break watch some tv make some dinner..

Next dungeon me and heals vote kicked at start b/c we weren't geared enough for the achievement run.

Welcome back to wow tanking!

WTS dwarf dk tears 2c per vial
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1 Tauren Shaman
A mixture of 463/450 gear and a 471 weapon is junk? News to me; that's what all raiders were raiding with on the second week. :P
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94 Pandaren Warrior
1) If dps is actually doing enough raw dps (not taunting or in a threat stance) its going to be dead before it kills them, holding back is a waste

2) 471 isn't even that low, probably some pebkac on your end, and also I got glory in well under 471 so either more pebkac or that group was just bad, probably both. Which leads us to 3

3) As far as the hunter and warlock, people are idiots, get used to it. Welcome to LFD, where people who can outplay a bag of cashews are the minority.

4) If the dps is MDing to you, you could be pulling much faster
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90 Human Death Knight
My tank is geared to be EZ- mode in heroics, yet sometimes I get that DPS that wants to pull. Last time I was in Scarlet Monastery. Some warrior with his big 20k DPS (lol) was running around pulling adds like crazy, I politely reminded him, runs go smoother if I pull.

We get to the point where you pull the group before the Brother that flame kicks. While I am precision pulling (Because in this group I was tank and highest DPS), the warrior decides to pull the boss. I watch as the healer, who is his friend, say "Go warrior!". It wasn't going well. and I did something I am not proud of .... (well maybe a little, muhahaha)

I pulled the whole dungeon back to them, all the mobs that we skipped. I hit my defensive cool-downs, and watch as group gets destroyed. I say " have fun in Tank school" and drop group.

Got a great group in 10 seconds, with intelligent DPS, and ran 6 straight heroics in the time it would have taken with the fail group.

Your the Tank. If you get a bad group, re-cue and enjoy your loot bag.

P.S/ Wow I hope I wasn't this clueless as DPS. I apologize to all tanks in the past when i was the noob!
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90 Pandaren Monk
03/01/2013 03:57 AMPosted by Runesoul
P.S/ Wow I hope I wasn't this clueless as DPS. I apologize to all tanks in the past when i was the noob!

It's less important to know whether or not you were once a d-bag and more important to know that you won't be that way again. I remember the first time I EVER healed and I was so stressed during it (but I had fun) and I wrote this really long blog post basically apologizing to every healer ever for any of the !@#$ I did while an ignorant DPS.

But yes, what you did was not dickish. Might've been overly cruel to the innocent DPS in the group but hopefully the lesson stuck with the ones who pulled.
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90 Human Death Knight
Thanks Mexie!
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90 Worgen Warrior
Lately I've been running into DKs that are DPSing as blood... Really?!?! My DK and my prot warrior typically outDPS those fools. Especially my DK.

When vengeance kicks in for them, of course I may lose aggro, and I don't take it back. I'd rather let the morons die. I don't mind taunting off of good DPS that are doing their one daily heroic for valor, but not off of idiots.

Sometimes, the failure of some is so bad I just leave the run and re-queue later.

Last night was a terrible night to try and run heroics. I also got into a group, where I stated I was there for the plate DPS helm from Siege. It dropped, I won it, some terrible warrior started crying. He had queued as DPS with a lock friend. Well, I skipped the first packs heading to the 3rd boss.

The lock grabbed up the other two packs I skipped and the other three packs. Everyone died but me. After they were dead, I left the group. I got what I wanted, and stayed alive. I was trying to be nice and finish out the heroic, but two of them didn't care.

I was happy though. I got one of the only two slots left filled for my DPS set that had not been filled, and I got to leave without finishing the run saving me time.
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90 Human Warrior
03/01/2013 01:25 AMPosted by Kangamooster
A mixture of 463/450 gear and a 471 weapon is junk? News to me; that's what all raiders were raiding with on the second week. :P

I know! The gear I have now is epic compared to what I started tanking heros in. Btw I have horrible luck with drops, cut a sistah a break blizz!

As for high dps pulling threat it will happen just taunt it whack smack it around. I cant help you with the pet issue that ticks me off too, I just let the pet have it unless its one of those cleave/shockwave/turn and punch the group in da face bosses. I tell them to turn off taunts, but most hunters dont have stampede glyphed anyway it seems, so meh.
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90 Orc Warrior
Hunter/Warlock pet taunting means one of two things to me.

1) If on trash pack go pull more trash and let Hunter/Warlock & their pet deal with the mob(s) and I only pick it back up if it goes after the healer or back to me.

2) If on a boss replace any active mitigation with more DPS oritented attacks until the either the pet is dead or the boss is.

High DPS I will taunt back or smack the mob a couple of times to get it back onto me.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
DPS with pets that pull threat is their fault.

People that only want well geared people to try anything are bad.(to an extent)

Now trying figure out what was actually going on with a high DPS and you losing threat is hard, when all you have to go on is conjecture. Im guess if you absolutley sure of what was going on you wouldnt have posted this thread so let me say this....

If you dont know exactly whats going on always assume that its your fault even if you dont really think that. Its best to place the blame on yourself and then try to fix it. Trying to fix a problem that is someone elses fault is better than assuming a problem is someone else fault, when its really yours, and not doing anything about it.

If you are aware enough to be 100% positive of whats going on, base your conclusions on that. If you arent, always assume the problem is you and try to fix it. It will make you less bad of a player.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
03/01/2013 01:29 AMPosted by Ðemolition
1) If dps is actually doing enough raw dps (not taunting or in a threat stance) its going to be dead before it kills them, holding back is a waste

I agree with this to an extent- I ran a few dungeon with some heroic geared DPS from tabard, on my alt DK. Yeah... mostly I'm there to pick up bosses and that was it. We cleared most places in under/around 10 minutes.

BUT if they're DPS who insist on pulling for you, and pulling more than they can kill, and getting other people killed, or generally being not-nice-people... I let them die. I let pets die, all the time. I'll generally ask once or twice for taunt to be turned off, or threatening presence, but much more than that, and it's let it tank until it dies.

I do love BoPing 2 of the hunter's stampeded taunting circus.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I usually just let dps die if they pull for me. If I see they might have done it on accident then I pull off before it gets to them, but anyone that runs up, shoots or taunts something thinking I'm going to be picking it up will be rezzed after we're done. I had a dk in Stormstout pull the first boss when the healer wasn't ready, he died and we killed the boss after that.
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100 Tauren Warrior
Hang onto that tank, OP. I didn't see a guild name there, you may want to consider finding a good one that won't nerdrage you while you get back into the swing of things.And put a stick-it post over your screen... unruly, boneheaded dps in group? Let 'em DIE! Old-school tankers have a saying... YOU yank it, YOU tank it. ;)
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