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Greetings CC! I am prospectively an incoming server transfer with my husband.

I had originally posted some of this information in the general recruiting forums and other RP-PVE forums, but have updated it here. I hope to find a home for us before 5.2 :

I am looking for a mature adult Alliance raiding guild with room for me and my husband to raid with. Hopefully we can also find some members to pvp/rbg with. I hope to also make progress in challenge dungeons.

We are available for most proposed raiding schedules, pretty much any night of the week for as long as needed. Very flexible! We are also very easy going, friendly people. We are mature, and by that I mean; have a kid going to college now -type of mature. LOL.

Our mains that raid are both mages. We also have level 90 alts that will be coming over. He and I do not need to raid together all the time, but it is nice if/when we can, as other players who play with their spouse's know. :) I am looking to be part of a core team while he doesn't mind being a fill-in or stand by.

Hard Core Raid History/Experience:

  • We have both been playing since beta/vanilla and on and off for 8 years. We started on a MST server in a hardcore, Realm 2nd/3 guild for Molten Core and BWL which went casual and then disbanded.
  • Several of us who were left from that guild moved to a different MST server for Burning Crusade and WotLK. Another parting of ways when faction change rolled out; only a small handful of us stayed ally and we couldn't find a solid group to raid with and took a break from the game.
  • During WotLK I was raiding with a 25m Realm 2nd/3 ranked guild for ToC. The GM experienced a major tragedy at home and the guild disbanded. I moved to a 25m Realm 1st guild on a PST server which hung on by a thread before the ICC patch.
  • If you need the names, I would be happy to share them with you in a convo in Vent or Mumble.

    I moved my mage back to our MST server with my husband and our other toons to max level for Cata and didn't play the expansion much after leveling. I have no real raid experience to speak of for that particular expansion.

    For MoP, it has been a struggle to raid consistently on my current server to make progress. I am currently 6/6, 2/6, 0/4 in reg mode.

  • I have experience as an officer with 3 previous guilds for recruiting, banking, supplies, web maintenance and handling graphics and managing guild events, etc. I did raid leading wayyy back in classic for ZG and AQ. I have both Vent and Mumble and am familiar with suicide kings, dkp and epgp loot systems and have all of the addons necessary to get through the current raid content on my main and my alts. I have a microphone and use it to communicate during raids and the background is quiet.
  • ..

    I have PvP experience in the arena and Conquest PvP gear. My current 2s partner has been away so I am behind on the gear curve and rating, but I do have my 25,000 honorable kills achievement and would like to have some guildies to group with to do some more arenas and try RBGs if possible.

    The guild I am looking for does not have to be hard core. The guild should be making progress in HoF minimally, and is thought to be stable with a long life ahead. I am looking for guild that has mature members, can definitely fit in a couple of mage pew pew, is friendly, socially active and populated perhaps with several players online throughout the day and evening on a daily basis, not just 20 minutes before raid time a couple of days per week. ;)

    As you can imagine, moving several (seven or eight) toons between two people in a single home is going to be super expensive. I know my wish list is a bit long, but for that many toons and the cost to move them, I aim to be sure my future guild out there will be the right match and hopefully become the guild that will finally be our permanent home!

    My toons:

  • My mage is an Engineer (repair bots!) and Enchanter with all MoP rep enchants. Currently ilvl 489 w my legendary weapon / quest completed.
  • My alt is a 90 Gnome Priest, Holy and Shadow. Current ilvl 484. Tailor. Geared for healing right now. I prefer to keep the heals as an alt, not a main, and I will likely be keeping her Holy spec as backup raid heals (not a disc/primary healer.)
  • My third alt is a 90 Hunter (gatherer). She can be geared for raiding if needed. Herb/Alchemist, xmute spec.
  • ..

    His toons:
    90 Mage (main), 90 Hunter, 90 Monk & sPriest

    I am excited about the move and definitely looking forward to meeting new group of good people on a new server. I have had the opportunity to meet several wonderful and helpful people already while I have been scouting. It has been great to meet members of the community! Best wishes and thank you! <3



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    I've sent you a Battlenet request; hopefully we can work something out because you two sound like the perfect circle to fit in our square slot.
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    90 Gnome Mage
    Hi Liore, thank you for leaving a message. I did not receive a request, unfortunately. If you don't mind trying again, my big, blue Gnomish eyes will be on the lookout!
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