Harlem Shake vBlackhand For the Horde!!! 2/23

100 Blood Elf Priest
So. Many of us have the pre-patch duldrums, what else do you have to do this weekend? Well I have the answer.

We've seen the Harlem Shake clips on youtube, and I love hate them so much i admit i can't stop watching sometimes. If you don't know what I'm talking about please search your youtube, it's omfg wtf silly funny nonsense. :D

Now this is the deal, some people have made WoW versions of this said "harlem shake", but from my viewing I've only seen the Alliance do it.

Will the Horde stand for this??? Hell No.

I will be organizing a group for the horde on Saturday night (2/23) to rep Blackhand! Invites will start at 8pm server time/or 6pm Pst. I hope to make this quick for everyone, and shouldn't last more then an hour tops...less/more depending on attendance and shenanigans that maybe had. Just watch a clip, think of what shenanigans we may get up to!

I will be recording this, and it will be on youtube. Names/guilds will be turned off if your worried. Where it will take place is a secret atm, we have a few ideas depends on group size tbh.

Size really does matter, the more people that can spare an hour of their time the better, so talk to your friends and guildies please!

Other Details:

5000g to the person in best freak out harlem shake xmog costume
2000g to 2nd place
1000g to 3rd place

Judges will be selected on a roll off at the start of the event. Top three will judge. Judging will start at the end of the event, and/or no later then 10pm server time/or 8pm Pst, were participants in the costume contest will be lined up, and the judges will join a private chat to decide. At least 20 people or more must be participating for this to be valid, otherwise no monetary prizes. (gold is coming out of my pocket, sorry i cant provide more, donations to the pot are welcome.)

Lvl 20 or higher required, hoping for 85+ for one of the ideas, in case we need to taxi you somewhere. CRZ is also welcome if you have battletag/realid friends that want to come.

This will be a blast, lets show the Alliance how Blackhand's Horde can Harlem Shake!!!

Leave a comment here if interested, or hit me up in game!
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90 Orc Death Knight
/Uses Squirt Bottle.
Down Viliv.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
WTB youtube link too bad I missed this as forums are pretty much dead :(
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100 Troll Death Knight
I was on at 6pm pst and he was flagged away and then went offline... so im guessing it never happened.
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80 Human Warlock
Good, this is stupid.
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100 Troll Death Knight
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80 Human Warlock
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90 Worgen Druid
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90 Human Paladin
Blackhand alliance will harlem shake in the middle of org while destroying you all. please tell me this is a joke. kthx
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