Want to hire a main tank for Mogu-shan Vaults

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We are new guild with players who average gear score is around 475. We have tried numerous times to beat the first boss but are not understanding the fight. We are pretty sure that it is a tank issue and would like to hire a tank who has beaten the zone to guide us through. We are offering 5K gold and repairs but if it takes longer than expected we could pay more. Please send email to mrich24@gmail.com and we are on the echo isles server. Looking to try again Friday 03-01
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giant wall of text in case you find no one

If overloads are happening on adds that are not currently petrifying it is a tank issue. The fight is anger inducing until your tanks get it right. It's pretty much all up to them. When they play it perfect, the damage is very light. You need to understand a few things to react correctly for this fight. I'll try to explain. 1st, each guardian has an energy bar. I believe the default ui shows all 3 active guardians portraits and their energy off to the right of your screen. My point of view is as the off tank always tanking a single guardian and calling out the swaps

The petrifying guardian is trying to turn you to stone. You stop this from happening by causing an overload for the petrifying guardian. An overload happens when any single guardian reaches 100 energy. When a guardian overloads it does a large amount of damage to your raid, however note that when a guardian is petrifying it is also providing a 90% damage reduction to your raid for it's school of magic. (only have to deal with 3 though, varies per lockout) Because of this, your goal is always to only have the petrifying guardian overload.

1. Amethyst = Shadow damage
2. Cobalt = Arcane
3. Jade = Nature
4. Jasper = Fire

guardians build energy when they are within 12 yards of 1 another

This is how we got our first kill. I always took the single add side. Our other tank took the dual add side. For positioning he would stay on his side and I would stay on mine the rest of the fight. As his area got messy from bombs, or pools on the floor or whatever, he would back up, working his way towards the other end, where we entered the room. I made sure I was horizontally across from him keeping all our adds within taunting range of one another. On the pull, 2 things can happen. My single add can start petrifying, or 1 of his adds start petrifying. We will call him the main tank from now on. I will be the offtank

1. if the single add side starts petrifying, do a swap right away, off tank can taunt over either one of the adds, main tank will take my petrifying add. Wait several seconds, when the non petrifying add on the main tank gets around 50 energy, swap non petrifying adds again. It seems like almost every time my add started petrifying first, we would fail due to improper overloads. The swaps have to be fast and clean. No lingering around too close to one another.

2. if 1 of the main tanks adds are petrifying, keep going until they get in the high 40's of energy, the offtank will taunt over the non petrifying add and the main tank will take the non petrifying add from the off tank.

Keep going. An overload of the petrified add will happen. You will be protected against 90% of that damage. Again, 2 things can happen. If one of the main tanks (2 add side) adds start petrifying, you just continue on, no taunting. If the off tanks add starts petrifying, the main tank will taunt over the petrifying add and the off tank will taunt over the highest energy non petrifying add. You just make sure you are within range and click on the portrait to the right and hit taunt.

After the pull and the initial taunts/swaps, you dont really need to talk anymore. The main tank can taunt over the petrifying add if the off tanks add starts petrifying and the off tank can automatically taunt over the highest energy non petrifying add from the main tank.

you just continue like this until dead. It sounds more confusing than it is. Perhaps someone else could explain an easier way. We chose this strategy of keeping 2 adds on one side always to minimize movement and dps could always be focused on the main tanks adds.

if healers are strong, you can live through some failed overloads. For everyone else, realize the schools of magic you are protected against by the petrifying guardian.

1. if you want to break jasper chains, do it when jasper guardian is petrifying to get a 90% damage reduction

2. if you want to clear out some cobalt bombs, blow them up when cobalt is petrifying

you obviously dont want to stand in amethyst pools at any time and can do nothing about the jades aoe damage.

the add being tanked by itself and not building energy is taking 90% reduced damage, so make sure dps is not wasting any time on that one.

if you are by any chance using a bear have them use frenzied regen as their primary active mitigation ability as the dodgable damage is negligible in comparison to the bleed

tldr: keep the petrifying add next to the add with the lowest amount of energy. gl! (if I hear of anyone who could help you I will point them here)
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Flathan... Thank you so much for the very detailed post. I sent it to my group and it will hopefully make that fight a little less confusing. It just sucks because evryone worked hard to get the gear score up and we finally got to where we should be able to raid and this is the first fight lol. Anyway, thanks again and if you are not busy tonight we could def use you!!
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icy vieins has a good write up on the dogs and fatbosses h dogs vid has some good info on it about how to taunt n such.
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Awesome, thanks Vahlkano!! I'll check them out
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it would probably be easier if you took it to the dungeon and dungeons forum as well as logging(worldoflogs.com) the fight attempts so someone with experience with reading logs/raid leading can easily help you.
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