/castsequence reset=5 Jab, Renewing Mist, Blackout Kick, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Mana Tea, Renewing Mist, Jab, Tiger Palm, Surging Mist, Jab, Blackout Kick, Jab, Blackout Kick, Chi Wave, Mana Tea

I made this macro to help out with fistweaving, and it can go a lot of places and be modded a bit, but ive managed to get relatively good DPS and HPS from it with little effort on my part. One thing to note is that the blackout kick buff is always up, and the extra blackout kicks can be replaced with uplifts (might just do that on my part anyways). NOTE EDIT: If you are going to change a blackout kick, change the jab ahead of it to an expel harm, otherwise you lose out on mana! Target dummy testing shows lots of random stuff.

In order for it to work ive chosen the following:
Surging mist glyph
Renewing mist glyph (extra range)
Mana Tea glyph
Chi Wave

Raid buffed with crystal of insanity, i have 10.5k spirit and lose approx 20k mana a minute with the one button macro. Switching over to mistweaving for times of heavy healing and summoning Zuen is still an easy option to keep heals rolling everywhere (zuen attacks really fast, tons of small heals). The macro duration is approx 23 seconds long, so sadly renewing mists uptime still isnt OPTIMAL, but i'll be damned if it aint better than what i pull otherwise.

I however am still at the haste soft cap according to AMR. might try a crit build once i get some more gold.

Hope it helps!!!

Awesome macro man. lovin it in lfr lol.