Third healer with Disc/Monk?

90 Draenei Paladin
I have a friend who's looking to set up an alt raid group one night a week, fairly casual. The healers are most likely going to be a disc priest and a monk, with me as the third healer for three-heal fights. While I do have all 5 healing classes, my pally is previously committed, my monk is still BC-level and would take a lot of work to get ready, and my priest is also disc (two disc priests feels really redundant, and I'm very bad at holy). Given that, it looks like my choice is either my druid or my shammy (although I'd be grudgingly willing to relearn holy if it's far superior to either of those).

If I were to go druid, I feel like I'd be mostly replicating the monk's strengths (HoTs, AoE healing, etc), without bringing much else to the table. I don't feel like we'd have a strong single-target healer like a pally or shaman, although that would be an issue on two-heal fights regardless. I'd also be competing with the monk for pretty much every single piece of gear.

On the other hand, I know discs don't play nicely with shaman mastery at all. I don't want to feel like I'm not carrying my own weight or holding the group back simply because I picked a class that synergizes poorly with the healing comp. (If I do end up going shaman, would a more crit-heavy build help with that at all, rather than the standard mastery build?)

As a druid, I'd prefer to dps as a kitty rather than a boomkin, if group comp allows. Besides being more fun, my gear would be more optimized to each role because it's not being shared between a heal set and a dps set with different stat priorities, but it would take more work and more time to build a full set after 5.2 comes out. As a shaman, I'd go elemental for dps, so while gearing would be easier, most of it would be shared between sets and somewhat less optimal.

I like both druid healing and shaman healing, and I feel about equally competent with the two, so it's not a matter of "play what you like" or "play what you're good at." I'd be happy with either. Both the druid and the shaman are mostly LFR-geared; they can each use a couple pieces still, but are mostly there. We'll have a mage to Timewarp, and a DK to battle-rez, so neither of those is a deciding factor. If group comp makes a difference, so far we have: DK tank / unknown tank, disc healer / monk healer, druid/shammy (me), rogue / mage / unknown DPSes. Is there anything major I'm forgetting about? If you were me, which would you pick?
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90 Human Priest
I'd pick shaman, but I'm in love with my co healer's mana tide and cooldowns.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Druid has good single target heals. Glyphed Regrowth and Swiftmend should not be underestimated. The +5% haste raid buff is required for resto druids, so if your comp doesn't have that forget about using a druid. You lose too much going for the haste breakpoint without that raid buff.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Shamans bring some great things with heroes, mana tide totem, dispelling totem/tremor totem, the one thing (drawing a blank on the name) that equalizes all the raid's health, spiritwalker's grace (run and cast, yay!)

If I've messed up names of spells, apologies, it's been a while since I've healed on my shaman and I know things got switched up a bit totem wise with MoP.
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I would go Shaman or Holy Priest, to shore up the weakness of on-demand AoE healing (Disc is strong but you might hit situations where you want to heal up health bars instead of prevent damage with absorbs, and ReM/Uplift isn't quite so reliable, as far as I know), plus they bring awesome cooldowns.

Though I'd think that you'd be fine with any healer except another Disc Priest, since Weakened Soul can cause problems with multiple Discs.
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90 Orc Warrior
Any healer will work, from a pure "class x has spell y" stand point. You've already got your bases covered with those two, so any third is good.

But shaman is your best bet. No gear conflicts with your other healers, can gear offspec without messing with tanks.
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100 Tauren Druid
Honestly...If you don't have a Shaman healer in your main 2 healers, regardless of what healers you have, Shaman is ALWAYS the way to go.
Provides superior cooldowns for healing and mana tide for the primary healers. Imo this really can't even be debated. Shaman always.
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90 Tauren Druid
If you have a pick I'd take a rshaman, simply for the CDs. Disc/Monk don't have any other CDs outside of revival(i think that's what its called) and spirit shell(which is really good but for sustained raid damage it can't do it all).

In the shaman you'd get, ascendance, healing tide, spirit link, and mana tide. And heck mana tide alone is enough to justify the shaman, just make him stack strait spirit.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I would have to vote for shammy as well. Before I even read what classes were an option, I was going to say shaman.

It would fill out your options nicely and give you a lot of flexibility.
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90 Human Monk
drop monk, get a hpally or rshaman and 2 heal it.
if you get any other healer paired with a disc priest, its 2 healable.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Shamans have the best CD's for raid the utility they bring is crazy.

Mana tide / healing tide / healing rain and spirit link are very OP. Not to mention assuming your shaman picks up a ele set you can still get healing tide for attempting to 2 heal stuff.

I kinda agree here. Just reforge all the Mastery into Crit and don't worry about Deep Healing so much if your Disc is really that amazing at getting in front of the damage.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Any comp without a shaman needs a shaman. Especially for three healing.
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