Moving to Doomhammer

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Hey so my guild has decided to move here to Doomhammer from our server since its pretty much a dead server. I was just wondering how the state of the server is.

We're alliance btw
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Given our research on population, faction balance and a quick comparison of Auction Houses. We've set our sights on moving here.

Ursin has seen far too many quality players and guilds leave due to low population, which has been declining in recent expansions and hit an all time low shortly after the release of Mists.

If anyone could provide any feedback on how this server is doing, we would appreciate it.


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Been on Doomhammer for about 5 years now. I have transferred some toons to high pop servers and some other low pop servers but it is always my main server. The economy for Alliance side is one of the best compared to more active servers like illidan (H) or tichondrius. Doomhammer used to be a good raiding server but now it is just average. This server is quite dead compared to BC but what server isn't. This server has been around since launch so it rarely has any problems Blizz side, and I haven't seen a server queue since wrath.
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Wrath was really the expansion that hit us the worst, because a massive chunk of our population left because of the queue times. Overall, the server economy for Alliance is decent, though Meta gems can get pricey. Population wise, Horde is pretty much dead, Alliance is medium. Not as many PuGs going out, but raids do happen. As for PvP, we have a multitude of players with 2k+ experience, though the majority is down at 1500s.

Note: Doomhammer forums have pretty much died.
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I'd like to add my two cents to this.

If you're a raiding guild trying to fill up your roster, you'll have a bit of trouble on Doomhammer. From what I've seen, there are at least half a dozen raiding guilds on this realm that have been having roster issues in MOP and are consistently recruiting to no avail. Recruitment WILL be an issue unless you're a more hardcore raiding guild with multiple heroic bosses down. The potential raiding population on the realm has dwindled even since Cataclysm where there were 150 raiding guilds on the realm in comparison to now where we only have a grand total of 69. I don't think it's an isolated issue since raiding is being concentrated on more highly populated realms.

That being said, Doomhammer is still a great realm. The economy is great. I have no issues selling items. There are occasionally PUGs as Mvp mentioned but they're only prevalent at prime time (7-9pm realm). I'm not too sure about PvP. I do know that we did lose a large chunk of 2.2K+ players recently so you probably won't find much activity there.

If you're looking for more though, I'd highly recommend checking out higher "raid ranking" realms, specifically the top 20 on wowprogress. Generally, the higher a realm is ranked on this list, the better it is for raiding. The better a realm is for raiding, the more active the economy normally is.

Best of luck on finding a new home you guys. :)
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I think we have what you all are looking for :)
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Coming from a realm with less than a dozen raiding guilds and only a handful raiding regularly, I'm sure that it will be like a breath of fresh air for us.

Thank you for your responses to our thread .. looking forward to meeting you 'in person.'
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Happy Hunting
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