Challenge mode question(healing)

90 Pandaren Shaman
So im trying to decide whether I want to take my sham over my monk for these.I hate the monk transmog gear but love the shamans.I figure with the utility it would be overall better anyway? or it doesnt matter?
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100 Tauren Druid
Challenge modes are more about DPS than they are about healing. Whichever one can do more damage while keeping people on their feet is the one to use.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Ehh. I'd personally go with whatever you're better at.

DPS can be a limiting factor in some of them, but it's more important to just play solidly and handle mechanics properly.

(I know, says the disc priest.)
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90 Pandaren Monk
Shamans are invaluable in challenge modes. All the buffs they bring alongside a 5 second stun, earth ele, and BL make shamans only second to dks in challenge modes. Monks are alright, but I've found that in challenge modes mistweavers have to dump too much mana and offer too little utility in comparison to the other healers.

I personally used my offspec to tank challenge modes and had a shaman heal.
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90 Troll Druid
Pick whatever has the cooler xmog, yo.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
02/22/2013 01:36 PMPosted by Fleurs
Pick whatever has the cooler xmog, yo.

In other words, not a druid. *cough*

I'm more interested in trying to get CMs done on my alt paladin (which i know jack about playing and don't really care for) than my former druid main, just because i hate the xmog =|.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Challenge Modes on my Shaman healer have been the most amazing and awesome experience in this entire expansion so far. I love it. Capacitor Totem and Grounding Totem and Wind Shear and Hex *swoon*

You can wear Flametongue Weapon and let your totems heal for you while you contribute not-entirely-pointless DPS on the easier trash pulls; Primal Elementalist is a ton of damage for a single GCD and the Primal Earth Ele helped a lot on the harder trash pulls. Spirit Link was insanely good for saving tanks from highly damaging trash DoTs and let us pull both packs of Scholars in the last room of Scarlet Halls, for example.

I didn't even have to go DPS for the final boss of Stormstout Brewery, which is where most people seem to pressure their healers into changing specs. I could let totems heal when healing was needed and do my 53k Resto DPS and it was enough to get us the Gold. Obviously if you're aiming for top realm/top world times then you'll want to go DPS a lot more - Elemental with AG or Conductivity can do a boatload of healing - but for just getting the transmog gear, you can Resto the whole thing.

It's great :)
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